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Goddess Necklace (Diannas Letters)

Scholar Jasmaria

What a sad tale of love and betrayal! The necklace she writes of is said to still be here! But treasures like that are well-loved, especially by the nereids in Oceanus Hesperos. Seek them out at the bottom of the sea among their temples and pretty things.

Sphinx Callia

They have a story which to tell...I hope that you can listen well. Babble on is what they must, before their treasure turns to rust. Seek the sisters, neriads four, scour then the ocean floor.

Note: Scholar Jasmaria refers to this as [Diannas Letters] but this does not trigger Sphinx Callia to speak. You have to "/say goddess necklace" to get her to tell you of the story. Diannas letters are the scrolls that go to this artifact. You will note from the picture below that goddess necklace is the actual name of the artifact.

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