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Gift of Love

Scholar Kevyn

Ah, the tale of Aloeus and Nikolia. That is a fine love story for those that enjoy that sort of thing. But it is more than just a love story. It is a story of adventure too, and that is my favorite, especially when it involves magical creatures like centaurs! Did you know that there are centaurs just beyond the safety of the Haven of Aerus? I bet they like love and adventure stories like the one of Aloeus and Nikolia.

Sphinx Ciramas

Not much says I love you like a breastplate made fine
A poor man he labored and then spent his last dime
The wedding upon him to his love he did give
A treasure so wondrous but alas please forgive
One jealous took treasure and then away
The chase led to Aerus and to sorrow that day
A peaceful solution that day was not met
His bride there she died so the treasure was left
Here towns may be found not Elven or Norse
No brothers of Arthur to be seen at their forge
If time and town may be found as you explore
Then named one with named guards may yield your reward
The name is my secret I will not reveal
Find him you may and this hauberk you'll steal
A hint I will give so you best listen close
It would fit here quite perfect for his name is________.

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