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Foppish Sleeves

Scholar Kevyn

I have discussed this artifact with several adventurers. From what little they have gathered, it seems that this particular item is not easily obtained. The challenge is not finding the giant who now holds this prize but instead lies in discovering his weakness. The Sphinx called Seviach should know more about this. He can be found to the west before the tree line if he is not wandering through the lands of Aerus.

Sphinx Seviach

The wisest of wise men took his time to relay
The wisdom he pondered to the scholar's dismay
For him it was crafted a cap that would speed
The brilliance within him then charged like a steed
He passed as all men must to the scholars lament
The winds caught this treasure and hither it went
A device made for one who was sharp and sublime
Now rests on the brow of a blunt philistine
This treasure still potent so a journey you'll take
The key to this creature is as plain as his face
He is quick to recover so there's no time to waste
If you are to defeat him then all else fails but haste

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