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Flamedancer's Boots

Scholar Kevyn

So you are interested in the Flamedancer's Boots? A worthy prize, although not for everyone. If you wish to seek out the Flamedancer's Boots, it is said you must find the potion that will open a door. I have read a few things about that door that mention a bug or a spider - something like that. It is said that the potion is in the hands of snakes, but snakes have no hands! Perhaps they mean a creature that is part snake?

Sphinx Seviach

No lover of lava for his son these were forged
This footwear no fire could resist magic's ward
From flame was he not liable but an error in course
They gave no protection from the heat of Aerus shores
His father then bargained the boots here would stay
To find them a problem that with help see you may
Now sight with this secret not the end of your tour
The conflagration of battle will rage thrice before

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