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Eternal Plant

Scholar Ashton

Ah, this would be a good find. Rumors have it the plant can cure many illnesses, but has a strange effect on those who use too much of it. Rumors have it that those seeking the plant should seek the sobekite harvesters in Oceanus Notos. But be careful, from what I am told, they are a bit touched by madness.

Sphinx Aidoios

If the Eternal Plant is what you need, then this is what you'll have to heed:

Every Time Eels Race No Argo Laughs.
Polite Lions Answer No Trivia.
Interesting, No?
Keep Each Lucky Plum.
For Our Recent Endeavors Still Tarry.
Octopii Can Easily Acquire Numerous Underwater Snacks.
No Olive Tasting Or Savoring.
When All Is Tasty.
Use No Tricks In Lunch.
Several Other Beasts Eat Kelp, However, Or The Exquisite Plankton.
Each Appetizing To Sample.

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