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Enyalios' Boots

Scholar Kevyn

It's no big mystery that this artifact is a pair of boots. The hard part is figuring out how to get your feet in them so to speak. Most of the city of Aerus came crashing down to the forest below but some of it just kind of lost its magic slowly, making its way to the ground below. You might want to check out some of these, islands I guess you'd call them. They still stand above the ground in a few spots throughout the forest.

Sphinx Ciramas

The riddle when given solved with show not a tell
A king's son from the east should at first know this well
A vessel for this voyage is the first thing that's needed
Then test of your prowess must next be completed
The riddle not mine must be solved I will mention
Then learn from the fight if you just pay attention.

Enyalio's First Guardian - Found in Arbor Glen, approx. 35, 55

Greetings to you of mortal blood The guerdon awaits the laudable entity who conveys the answer of this conundrum before our falconiformic oculi. Do you wish to hear? If so, be sure to stay for its entirety or you will miss valuable information that will not be repeated.

I am lucky. It's in my name.
Controlling the air is but a game.
I ride the winds in silver light.
Never noon am I in sight.
My strength is great, my magic mighty--
Until the vessel, then I'm flighty.
My life, you see, is ne'er sans rules.
Because of this even simpleton fools
Are given the means to bind my power.
Then all I can do is sit and glower.
One thing in hand is all they need
When they fight me and succeed.
Resigned I am to follow the law
But wishes granted are a myth in flaw.

..Your eyes have been cleared, and you will now be able to find the vessel that you will need to solve that which was passed to your ears. Someone in Aerus is bound to have that which you seek. You may wish to write down what you've just heard unless your memory is superb because you will not hear it again.

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