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Cyclops' Eye

Scholar Kevyn

Now, I have a good feeling that you know where you should start looking for something called the Cyclops' Eye Shield. Where else but with the centaurs of course! Okay, I am making a joke. Of course you know to go seek out the cyclopes to find the shield. Oh, I wish I could remember the name of the cyclops mentioned in the rumors. It is something like Kerchoom or Kerplop...or was it something with a 'c'...alas I cannot remember at the moment, but start with the cyclopes!

Sphinx Ciramas

This blessing of power took turn for the worse
One thing overlooked made this weapon a curse
Those most offended could not steal away
Now guards of this magic still keep all at bay
To claim this prize some thought should you take
If you play your cards right then no sleepers awake
This quest is not simple and the outcome may vary
The angered may triumph then for them will you worry

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