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Braggart's Bow

Scholar Kevyn

Ah, an interesting tale, that of Karise and the Braggart's Bow. I have heard various versions of what happened to Karise for bragging about her skills. Some versions of the story say she was turned into a tree, some say she was turned into a rock. Another version says she was turned into a statue. I suppose the only way to know the truth is to search the lands of Aerus for Karise.

Sphinx Seviach

Archer pulled from quiver with aim always true
The skill was a trick as bows magic flowed through
A power thus cheated her secret revealed
Chased far into Aerus now a stone in a field
She stands in a meadow but never alone
The guards all around her is the danger now shown
Her aids you can't touch them but the storm you may weather
The weapon, her downfall, will be yours if so clever

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