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Belt of the Sun

Scholar Jasmaria

Ah, the Belt of the Sun and the Belt of the Moon are said to be the only religious artifacts ever found to be Atlantean. Seemed they were ones to think they were as the gods themselves. Who knows, perhaps they were. They would be to us, with all that they could do! There is an island in Oceanus Borea where you can find temples. I believe that is where you can find the two belts.

Sphinx Hesper

This could be a bit tricky, let me see if I can explain it to you in a way you will understand.
There is the Sun and the Moon.
There are three islands, each with its own central pillar.
Beware the fiery arrows that pelt you from afar!
Get them all, destroy the protector, find what you are looking for.

Note: The Belt of the Sun and the Belt of the Moon are treated as one by Scholar Jasmaria and Sphinx Hesper. They are, however, two distinct artifacts.

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