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Alvarus' Leggings

Scholar Mailla

Unfortunately the knowledge I have gained regarding Alvarus' Leggings is vague. I have learned that the Leggings helped Alvarus succeed at the trials he tried. The only other thing I have learned is that there is a nereid in Mesothalassa who has knowledge of Alvarus' Leggings. I do not know her name or I would go and visit her myself.

Sphinx Senia

When female with the sky is friend, your ear will need to bend.
Find the Razor sharp and mean. Kill it with your weapon's gleam.
With the middle, female cries, while the octopus does dive.
Find the golden trinkets there. Return them to the woman fair.
Of the hardest you will find, Minkhat's men will be a grind. For all above all you need is to find the right key.

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