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Welcome to Combat Mission Ghost Recon Mission
Congressional Medal of Honor

Place: Mogadishu, Somalia
Date: Oct. 3, 1993
Rank and organization: Gordon- Master Sergeant, Shughart- Sergeant First Class,
both U.S. Army Special Operations Command with Task Force Ranger



Colombia Crisis
Platoon 1967
Afghanistan - 2001 Iraq Crisis - 2002
WWI France 1914
WWII 2ND 1944
WWII Japan 1941
WWII Axis 1944





IGOR For Dummies



































































You forge ahead through the thick, oppressive heat Your erratic heartbeat heartbeat and amplified breaths are all that escape the hostile stillness.

Sweat beads down your face as an all too familiar vibration breaks your concentration. You turn to face the threat while the rookie lays down a wild burst of gunfire into the trees up ahead. The jungle explodes into a fiery deathtrap with roars from automatic weapons interrupting the incoherent shouts from your men.

Spin, aim, shoot, duck, dodge, fire. Your actions form a dance as rapid explosions create a giant fireball of destruction. And then, as quickly as the chaos sprang to life, it departs, slipping away into the darkness. A downpour ensues, quelling the raging jungle, setting things right once again. But there's no time to rest. This is a war, and you've got a job to do. Middle East Land of Crisis Experience the danger, fear, and unpredictability of lethal Desert  warfare against a cunning Talibans and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, a first-person action shooter set during the infamous conflict in Middle East! Command expertly trained members of the U.S. Special Forces on critical missions through dangerous territories! You are the leader of one of the finest fighting forces ever assembled. It's time to show the world what you're made of. Your elite unit consists of 5 members of the U.S. Special Forces, expertly

UNfinish War Showdown IRAQ Your elite unit consists of 5 members of the U.S. Special Forces, expertly trained in various fields. The success of numerous covert operations rest solely on your ability to analyze the situation and utilize each soldier's specialty.

You are in direct control of the main character. As team leader, you issue orders to the other soldiers to determine the way in which your missions will proceed. The remaining five team-members assess each situation based on the fundamental rules of behavior for an elite unit. The soldiers know how to act, how to protect themselves, and how to fight. But their distinct personalities cause them to react differently during stressful conditions.


GABRIEL MARCELLA: The guerrillas right now are in control of approximately 40 percent of the national territory. Much of this territory is lightly populated, and lies to the eastern side of the and in the broad Amazon basin. They constitute a serious threat to the government of Colombia. My estimate and that of most analysts right now, it is not a threat that would topple the government of Colombia. However, it can maintain for the long-term a sustained level of conflict to include periodic attacks against police, military installations, destruction of infrastructure. Conflict boils over as Farcs Strong Guerilla Invades its smaller Villages and Towns of Colombia Jungle, the world’s most Shipping Drug in to US Cities. An elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets, known as the Ghosts, moves in to Deep into the Jungle Of Colombia with Support of Colombia (AFEAU) Urban Counter terrorist Special Forces to safeguard Village and Towns and free America hostage at Colombia. As the war rages guerilla Farcs Colombia Ruble terrorist with support Drug Financial by Drug Cartel on, Us. Green Berets are drawn from Colombia to the heart of Colombia Jungle in their deadliest battles yet. 1914-18, also called the Great War, conflict, chiefly in Europe, among most  of the world's great powers.  On one side were the Allies (chiefly France,  Britain, Russia, and the U.S.); on the other were the Central Powers  (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey). The First Battle of the Marne marked the end of the German sweep into France and the beginning of the trench warfare that was to characterize the First World War one. The first Battle of the Marne took place between 5th and 11th September, 1914. The most important consequence of the battle was that the French and British forces were able to prevent the German plan for a swift and decisive victory. Eventually Sir Douglas Haig agreed to send Petain four divisions and two divisions of the recently arrived US Army were also available. Over 85,000 American Expeditionary soldiers took part in the Bloody battle of 1914 France Soil. By May 1918, there were over 500,000 US soldiers in France.  The American Expeditionary Force suffered 264,000 casualties, including 50,554 killed in battle and about 25,000 by disease. About 200,000 Afro-Americans served in the US Army in Europe, but only 42,000 were classified as combat troops. Completely segregated, they fought with the French Army during the war . 

Rangers Lead The Way" - The motto of the United States Army Rangers, a special breed of soldier who has done just that from the 17th Century in colonial America until today.   From the start, the Ranger has been a soldier who combined daring with great skill at warfare to accomplish his missions.  This proud tradition still exists as an integral part of the Ranger Regiment  units proudly carried on and enhanced the Ranger standards and traditions in the European Theater Operations. The 2nd Ranger Battalion U.S. Special Forces, expertly trained in various fields. The success of numerous covert operations rest solely on your ability to analyze the situation and utilize each soldier's specialty. 2nd played a key role in the attacks against the German fortifications around Brest in the La Coquet Peninsular. This unit fought through the bitter Central Europe campaign and won commendations for its heroic actions in the battle of Hill 400. The 2nd Ranger Battalion earned the Distinguished Unit Rangers Lead The Way.

Japan invasion Strike Westward
War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War  Japanese had pushed across the towering Owen Stanley Mountains toward Port Moresby from the Buna-Gona area on New Guinea's northeastern coast, and by mid-September were only twenty miles from their objective. Australian ground forces drove the Japanese back to the north coast, where they strongly entrenched themselves around Buna and Gona. It took 2 Australian divisions, 1 U.S. Army division (32d), and another U.S. Army regiment almost four months of bitter fighting to dislodge the Japanese. Casualties were high, but as at Guadalcanal the Allied forces learned much about jungle fighting, the importance of air power, and the need for thorough logistical preparation. They also discovered that the Japanese soldier, though a skillful, stubborn, and fanatic foe, could be defeated. The myth of Japanese invincibility was forever laid to rest in the jungles of Guadalcanal and Papua.  The Faul fo the The Third Reich as you be a Poland to Liberated POW - STALAG XXA POW Camp during last year of the War II  in Poland. and search for concentration camps which consisted of a number of camps located in some of the 24, 19 centuary underground forts around THORN, various hutted sites, work camps and farms. You are in direct control of the main US Infantry to Capture and Secure POW Camps . Towards the end of the war, Hitler had a nervous breakdown as you and Russian Allies reach the German Border and finally  to fine Adolph Hitler Dictator of Germany He and his long time mistress, Eva Braun, committed suicide before the Allies captured Berlin.

A- team, 5th Special Forces Group:

Steve R. Hawkins
Team Leader /
P.J. Defort
  J Crocker
    C.J. Hornster
Machine gunner
  T Bronson
    Le blank

100% Action - Defend yourself from the onslaught of enemy attacks, with the destructive power of an under-sling helicopter gun, a heavy gun set on the rear of a jeep, or from the tranquility of a boat powering up the river.

Solo - Face the enemy alone. Struggle through the claustrophobic confines of tunnel systems or just run for your life after being separated from your team. It's up to you and you alone.

Squad - Work as a team, sweeping through dense jungle, desert, East Europe South America or facing the dangers of exposed ruins. Use your team member's specialties and stay in touch with HQ to attach the enemy and reach the Landing Zone.

Multiplayer - Enter a killing zone as either U.S. or VC ( Enemies ) soldiers in heart-stopping multiplayer action via LAN or over the Internet.

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