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Nemesis's Scion...

"No one knows what its like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes..."

Name: Saeber Drevon
Age: 18
Race: Human
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Build: Muscular
Homeland: Mesopa
Lineage: Nemesis
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Weapon: Gloves/Claws
Employment: Self Employed


Born as the last of a long line of Scions of Nemesis, he spent his early portions of his life high up in the mountains above Mesopa, where his family served as temple guardians for Nemesis's Temple. From the age of 8 he was trained to take over for his father when he became of age, spending a year trying various weapons before settling on studded gloves with detachable claws. From then on to the age of 15 he trained in the style of "Cal'Mat'Seg" or Griffin's Claw, a purely offensive style designed to slow or incapacitate an opponent with just a few quick motions. At the end of his training at the age of 16, he recieved his sigil on his right shoulder, a tattoo of his family's crest being held in the claws of an Eagle. A few months after his 18th birthday he was sent down into the village in the valley for supplies, only to return to home to find it buried in the rubble of an avalance. Now he resides in the village, helping the townsfolk with their work.


A rarely used fighting style of the old ways that specializes in quick, disabling strikes to an opponents body. This style focuses on weak points, such as certain muscles, nerves, or tendons that when impacted against or severed immobilizes a body part needed to fight, needing only a solid impact of a hand, fingers, or foot, or the twitch of a claw tip to achieve the desired effect.

Eagle Talons

Saeber's Primary weapon, which he has named Eagle Talons, is a set of gloves, lightly studded with detachable talons or claws that can be attached for differant reasons. The gloves, made from a tauntly woven fabric and leather, have studs stragetically placed across the back of the back and across the knuckles, providing a slight measure of defense when deflecting blades, or when giving someone a back-handed blow. The claws or talons, are made from Mithril compound, allowing them to remain sharp and strong with minimal mantenance. They attach over the fingers to catch points woven into the glove, providing extra protection across the backs of the fingers and adding the bladed points to the ends of the fingers.