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This site is owned by Christine Lau AKA: Asian Whitewolf, AZ Whitewolf, *Kris, *C.Lau, Krissiecat, Krissy, Chris, Silvie Starwolf, Shanti, Talianna.. you get it;)

"Shes just the best. Michelle really says her emotions by voice and not doing anything big and dramatic- but just being herself."

And now..i present to you... the Lyrics!!!! Ive finally gotten them done^^ im soooo happy^^ They took so long and i also had to make sure each one linked up with the site properly..What a journey. All this work done in such a long time will finlly let this new site shine:) gotta get a counter as well...

Yessss! I've finally gotten this site looking the way i want it to be! Its so amazing... finally... from all of that studying of html i've done.. te knowledge has finally been used^^ *sigh* now just to add a little bit of some things...counters and all. Too much scrollbars eh? Oh well. Dont care.... If Michelle really gets to see this site- hope she likes it^^

Welcome to this new Michelle Branch Fansite^^ I jus started it so dont expect much- only know that its devoted only to Michelle. SO... come back in a bit and mb there will be more updates^^Enjoy, Michelle Branch fanz:)

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