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Animal Behavior Consultants

and Avant-garde Pet Care



Beginner's Training

This training is a primary level obedience course designed for companion animals.  It's goal is to teach you the fundamentals of behavior as it relates to training and motivating your animal to perform basic commands (as well as manners) and respond to voice control.

Kindergarten Puppy Training

This training is a puppy training course with the same goals as the Beginner's training but with the additional benefit of early socialization and early problem solving and intervention.

Intermediate Training

This training is an enhancement of  Beginner's training.  It is designed to increase responsiveness and reliability of performance in distracting and off-lead situations.  

Advanced Training

This training is a course for those that would like to hone their training experience to a more precise point; for personal use or in preparation for competitive, commercial, business or service work.

Competitive Show Training

This training is a course for those enthusiasts who are interested in preparing for all manner and aspects of competition work such as AKC Agility, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, USPCA  competition, and more.

Pet Behavior therapy

This training is for behavioral problem solving; destructive behaviors, unruliness, anti-social or aggressive behaviors, escape behaviors, etc.

Specialty Training

This training is for those interested in tracing for sport, Search and Rescue, and Police Canines.  Detector Dogs for police service work; aggression work for law enforcement or competitive sport (Schutzhund and French Ring Sport - no civil agitation).


Temperament testing, selection, and referrals.

Personalized Training Programs

Personalized Training Programs can be developed for any specific training needs or requisites.