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Animal Behavior Consultants

and Avant-garde Pet Care, LLC

301 Roosevelt Trail

Windham, ME 04062

(207) 892-2001

Classes and  Private Instruction




Ring Sport





Hearing Ear

Police K9

and more ....


Group Classes - A minimum of 8 students is required to run a class that is listed on our schedule. Maximum class size is 12 dogs. Each class is 90 minutes in length and run for a total of 6 classes per session.

Private Training - Individual classes held at home or business, and can be scheduled singly or as a series of private classes. If scheduling is done in a series of  3 or more sessions, a discount will be applied.

IRT ( In Residence Training)  - Boarded dogs in our care can be trained by us. This training includes 3 private training reviews with the owner and  the at the end of the training period.

T r a i n i n g    R a t e s


Group Lessons

           Private             (1 - 1/2 Hr. )

IRT In Residence Training (2/3weeks)

Pet Behavior Therapy n/a $150( Initial Office  Visit:  90 min. session  ) 

  $100 subsequent    follow-ups


Behavioral Problems will be addressed in private lessons in your

home environment. or at our office


(behavioral problem solving) $150 at Home Visits per session (+ travel) a limited number  problems will be addressed  in IRT;  most will be

addressed in private sessions


Beginners $175 (6 weeks) $100 $795 (3wks) 6 classes per group session       90  minute classes


KPT $175 (6 weeks) $100 $695 (2wks) Puppies: less than 5 months       90  minute classes


Intermediate $140 (6 weeks) $140   6 classes per group session        90  minute classes 


Advanced $ 90 (6 weeks) $100 $695 (2wks) 6 classes per group session        90  minute classes


Competition / Show $ 90 (6 weeks) $100 n/a 6 classes per group session        90   minute classes


Tracking $35/meeting $55 n/a 4 students min. per  group         180+  minute classes


Class Schedule


 Day Time 

Starting Date

Beginner's Obedience


6:00 PM

October 28th  


Intermediate Obedience / AKC CGC Prep Class




6:00 PM



October 31st




Rally/ Intermediate Obedience








October 29th




Advanced Obedience



  8:30 AM

To Be Announced  

Intermediate /Advanced                Multi-discipline X-training: agilty, tracking, CGC prep, SAR air-scent search, etc.     


10:00 AM


October 12th


Tracking  /  Working Dog Sports







October 12th

Sat's 10:00 AM

                 Please call to reserve your place in our next session           

updated: 10/12

Please call for information on:

Specialty Training
Scent work for Search and Rescue (tracking , trailing or air-scenting, )

Police Canine Training ( aggression work, detector work- for qualified law enforcement    personnel   only )

  Personal Protection
Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs
Competitive Working Dogs:  Ring Sport , Tracking,


Lectures and Demonstrations  

Dog and Cat Handling for Pet Care Professionals, Safety Protocol for Utility and Public Service Workers, Other Special Training by Request