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Force and Motion Portfolio: Motion

What is Motion?
The answer to that is quite simple. Motion is a change in position relative to a fixed object.

Everything we do is full of motion. Football, a sport loved by everyone, is full of all sorts of motion. There's tackling, catching, throwing, kicking, and more. The picture above depicts motion as a player is tackling his oponent.
Newton's First Law of Motion

Above is a picture that shows a quarterback's pass about to get blocked by the defender. This depicts Newton's first law of motion because the ball is in motion and is moving forward until another force acts upon it. The other force is the defender's hand.

What is Newton's first law of motion?
Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion and an oject in rest will stay that away unless it is acted upon by another force.

Newton's Second Law of Motion

The picure above depicts a scene in which Peyton Manning throws the ball. The picture above is an example of Newton's second law of motion because the ball is accelerating fast towards Manning's teamate in the direction of Manning's hand. In other words the ball is traveling in the direction of net force.

Newton's Second Law of Motion states that an object will accelerate in the direction of net force.

Newton's Third Law of Motion

In the picture above the punter has just attepted to make a field goal. Pretend that the ball hits the post. What will happen? The ball will bounce back of course. The ball bounces back because there is reaction force from the action force. The action force is the ball, and the reaction force is the poll.

Newton's Third law of Motion states that for every action force, there is there is an equal and opposite reaction force.

Motion Graph and Story for Football

The receiver starts at the goal line. He catches the ball at the goal line and runs forward at a rate of 4 yards per second. After 2 seconds he slows down at a rate of 2 yards per seconds. After 3 seconds he realizes that there is a defender behind him so he speeds up at a rate of 6 yards per second. After 2 seconds he suddenly gets tackled and fumbles the ball. The ball stays on the ground for 2 seconds and then it is picked up by the other team. The ball moves towards the starting point at the rate of 3 yards per second. After four seconds the man is tackled down and the play is over.

I hope now you have a better understanding about motion!