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Ok, drive-by rec here, but if ANY of you have not read Devin and Jenn's "Arkham," then you are sorely missing out. It's brilliant. It's creepy. It's heartrending. It's also really happy in an almost fierce and ugly way. And damn, but it's AWESOME!!!!

Go read now!!!



I love the Random Story function at Level Three...

See Rock City by missu. I love fics like this. Light and funny, it's a conversation between Lex and Pete from Pete's point of view. I just love it because of quotes like this: Clark was finally rising from the water. All sun kissed smooth skin and dripping wet. Pete heard Lex's breath hitch a bit beside him but he really didn't want to think about the reasons for that. Pete was cool - Lex was surprisingly cool. But there was no need to overstep certain mental boundaries. *g*

Seeing Clearly by Ingrid. A small moment between Lex and Lionel. Lex doesn't want his father to die: A shame this would never go down in any of the history books Fate was waiting to writing for him, its pen poised and already dipped in poison. Woobie!

Zero Sum by Pearl-O. Clark is trying to make Lex understand something. Something important: He sends Clark away those days -- "Go home. Get out of here." -- but Clark never goes. He stays as close as he's allowed to be, which usually isn't very, but either way, he's still there and Lex knows it, and that's important.

2003-10-27 I've found the best story EVER.

Not Smallville, but Harry Potter. And written by Debchan.

Snape/Harry, in the only way I could truly see them together. A very Slytherin Harry in his cunning, a very Gryffindor Harry in his loyalty and determination. And a Snape who is both harsh and compassionate, intensely intelligent, and sometimes...a fool.

Go read now:

What He Wants

Read it.


For the historical:

Captured and Captured: Part II by . Set in pre-Empire Rome, Lex is a Senator and Clark is his slave. What I really love about this fic is that both of the characters are set firmly in their time period: Lex doesn't have today's mindset concerning slavery--he acts just like I think a virtuous slave-owner in that era would act, and Clark does not try to tout the "equality for all" speech, since he probably wouldn't even have been exposed to such an idea. This is not to say that one is cruel and the other what we would typically consider 'slavish'--both have their dignity--it's just that they are Roman and thus, that they think as such. I find it amazing that Isagel's captured this feeling, and yet has the boys still recognizable as Lex and Clark. In any case, go read this fic immediately!!!

For the disjointed:

A Clark/Lex Epic of Staggering Genius by Punk Maneuverability. A set of not-drabbles detailing Lex's life, supposedly written by Lex himself...I really don't know how to explain this. But it's cute, and funny, and hurty, and...too many things to describe. But I love it, and I think you will too.

For the Rift:

Chained by Hope. Yay! Rift!fic! This fic is a very brief look at the Rift-filled relationship between the boys, and how they really can't get rid of each other...and don't really want to. Love this fic.

For the Pain:

Dowsing by Velvetglove. I don't know how I missed this one. It's not a Rift!fic; there's no outright aggression between the boys. Just some wistfulness, some uncompleteness...some mistakes. A brief interlude that has Lex first talking to Chloe, and then to Clark--though talking is not all the boys do. *g* Lovely and sad.


Remember that Rift!fic obsession of mine? Well, I've decided it's not the actual Rift that I like, but the feel of passionate aggression, where rage and sex intertwine. Just makes me shiver...

With that in mind, I have to rec:

Before the Songs Were Made: Part 1 and Part 2 by Emelerin.

I just love these lines: Lex who wouldn't dissect him or harness or corrupt him, whatever their fathers might believe, but who would easily spend his life delighting in everything about himself that Clark feared and "I'll take you high up, Clark. I'll take you to the top of the world. And you'll shake just like you're shaking now, and I'll love you for it, I'll love you for it."

I just love the fierceness of it, the aggression and passion...the absolute honesty. How they can love and hate at the same time, when even the hatred is loving, if that makes any kind of sense....

Just wow. This fic is wonderful. Go read it now!


Ok, I don't know why this story hasn't been recced all over LJ, but it needs to be:

The Lazurus Gap written by Dolimir.

There are very few happy, denial-lish fic that really do it for me. Probably because most denial fic requires Lex to stop in some way...usually, to stop from being "great." He gets all shmoopy in love, and forgets that, hey, he has this huge dream of ruling the world. The desire for it...just goes away. And I'm always like: yeah, sure, buddy. 'Cause he's going to change that much just because he fell in love. Because, yeah...he can't be evil and love Clark at the same time. Right. Of course not. Let's just forget the scary room, where lover-boy Lex posted rather creepy specs about his boyfriend. And that he can be terribly obsessive. Of course it will all stop.

Really. Look at me holding my breath.

Now, every so often a story comes along that makes me go, "YEAH!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!!" A story that shows me a Lex that I can believe, and yet is still doing the right thing. Lanning's "Identical" series did that for me: her Lex is the highly flawed Lex of the TV show, where he can spy and blow up buildings and never feel guilty...unless Clark knows. And hey, if Clark never finds out, so much the better. Only slowly does Lex really develop his own conscience; it's a learning process, and he doesn't become good all at once.

Well, Dolirmir's story gives me another VERY believable scenario for Lex's "redemption." Her Lex is still "great." He never gives up, never gives in; he's obsessive, even if it overwhelms him, even if he's tired or hurt and really should stop. And yet...he's an utter and complete sap. So totally in love.

So, let me say it again:

You need to. Read. This. Story. NOW.

(note: don't be put off by the "iffy" grammar/sentence structure of the first page or so. I almost put the story down myself...and I'm so glad that I didn't. It improves MONMUMENTALLY.)


For the woobieness:

Faultline by Alax. This one made me bawl like a little girl. Just absolutely in tears. I just don't think that I take betrayal--of the adulterous sort--very well at all. And just watching Clark having to deal with everything on top of that...oh, the pain. But wait! Don't run away from this fic! It isn't what you think--and I refuse to spoil it for you. Go. Read. Now.

For something light:

International Diplomacy by Dolomir. Need something to make you laugh? This'll do the trick!

For my Rift!fic obsession:

Take A Bow by PepperjackCandy. I found this story to be sadly feasible. This is the type of Rift-fic which truly rips me apart--where the Rift isn't formed because of Clark's devotion to a cause nor because of Lex's belief in ruthlessness and practicality--but because of one reason and one reason only: cowardice. The refusal to take a stand. Which makes someone a very large hypocrite...


Just a little bit of a Rift!fic obsession...

No Particular Night or Morning by The Spike. Ooohh, I just love the dynamic here! *shivers*

An Ordinary Day by Elizabeth. Again, just love it. Lex is so in love, so in hate...the obsession blows my mind away.

Flashpoint by Hope. Definitely a Rift, and yet, Lex just can't let it go. So cute. (Ok, damn it, maybe it's cute only to me).

The Autumn People by Jenn. The every-day, quiet wistfulness of the Rift. A Chloe-POV. *sigh*

Safe by Elizabeth. Another outside POV. I love it, love it, love it.

* * * * *

6/03/03 Part Two

For the disturbing:

The Enemy Within: You never really know what's going on in your own head, and Clark is no exception. Very intense, very beautiful--but in a scary way. Written by Jett.

For the vengeful:

Courier: Lex is a very smart man. But it's more than that--he's cunning as well. He also knows when forgiveness is prudent, and when it is not. He's a kick ass anti-hero and an awesome villain. Also, read Reckoning. I like to call these two stories the "Lex's Women" or "Lex's Virtue" series, but that's just me. And yes, it's still amazingly Clark/Lex. Written by LaT.

For the twisted:

Madonna: I refuse to spoil this by summarizing it, but you must READ. IT. NOW. Just one hint, from one reader to another: look for clues. Written by Hope.

For the sad:

Boys Don't Cry: I hardly ever read a fic that convinces me that the Rift in inevitable. Grail's "Immortality" did, but other than soup. Until this one. Because really, in the end, the Rift is a CHOICE made by two people, and not merely the flotsam of circumstance. Written by Aelita.

For the interesting:

Gotham Underground: This is an odd fic, in my mind. The boys are in character, and yet there's this twist to both of them that keeps me fascinated. I'm not entirely sure why. And Bruce Wayne in this fic is also just that side of different. But Lionel gets his, and this makes me happy. Also, porn. Written by Dana.

For the hilarious:

Uncle Einar: Clark and Lex really have no clue, do they? Sometimes I think that people need to draw them a diagram. Still, they do figure it out after a while...*pets boys.* Written by Shrift.

For the happy:

Forget: Lex is many things, and he feels many things, but most of all, he deserves to feel peaceful and content. He gets it all in this fic. Written by Henry Jones, Jr.

For the relieved:

Freud: Ok, this one's not that old. But I love it. After all of Clark's bad lying, he really should expect a boot in the ass...but, aw, does Lex love him. Love this fic. Written by Te.

For the defy-not-deny the Rift:

New Leaf: There are always second chances. Or third. Or fourth. Or...jeez, these boys drive me crazy. Written by Livia.

Narnia slash. No, I couldn't believe it either, but I've been converted. Give it a chance. Scroll down on this page and read the Narnia stories. You won't regret it. Written by Ivy Blossom.

Kyoto Song. It's my favorite fic in the world, just Lex being Lex...and oh, so much woobieness. Written by Velvetglove.

* * * * * *

06/03/03 Part One

For the cuteness:

A Christmas Tale v 2.0 Lex and Clark at Christmas. Oh, so adorable. Lex pouts. And eats oreos to spite Clark. Written by Zahra, so just go and read it NOW.

For the historical:

The Last Outpost Smallville meets Dances With Wolves, and it WORKS. A very smooth blend of SV characters and DWW enviroment--you'll be squeeing with joy. Written by Wendi.

For the porn:

Zanshin It's porn. Just...guh. What with Lex teaching, and Clark drooling...just guh. Go read now. Written by Skater.

For the funny:

Wonderville YOU CAN'T MISS THIS!!! JUST GO READ IT NOW!!! I swear, I stumbled upon this one, but it's just so damned funny that I fell off my chair laughing. Lex. And woodchucks. And closets full of porn. And the Kinsey mushroom. JUST. GO. READ. NOW. Written by Velvetglove.

For the vids:

Kaliroi and her vids. These are awesome. I swear it. Go see "I Can Change," and "Eye," and "Lonely Soul." Those are my faves, but all of them are good. Created by the lovely . She's new, so make sure to friend her and go say hi!