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Updated 7th, August 2016!

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Bombardier and Government of Tanzania Sign Purchase Agreement
for Two Q400 Turboprops.


TORONTO,ONTARIO-(Marketwired - July 25, 2016) - Bombardier Commercial
Aircraft announced today that the Government of Tanzania has signed a firm
purchase agreement for two Q400 turboprop airliners. The aircraft will be
delivered with a 76-seat, dual-lavatory configuration and will be used for com-
mercial airline operations in the region. ATCL will receive two aircrafts before
September this year,

The government has appointed a team of experts to study and recommend the best way to
restructure and run the company. The team is told to come up with the nitty-gritty surrounding
ATCL and propose ways of managing it, and the aviation sector as a whole, profitably. They will
also look at the right number of employees to run the organization.

After completing payments for the turboprop aircrafts, the government will shift to the ordering
of two more jet aircrafts.

Air Tanzania today!
Air Tanzania Canadair CRJ-100 ZS-KEM at Kigoma Airport, Tanzania

The only aircraft owned by Air Tanzania the Bombardier DHC8-Q300 Dash 8, 5H-MWF
Photo: Danielhaydukphotoshelter

ATCL operates a leased Canadair CRJ 100s and a Bombardier DHC8-Q300 Dash 8 on scheduled inter-
national flights to to the Comoros islands and domestic routes to Kigoma, Mtwara and Mwanza from their
hub in Dar es Salaam.

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Air Tanzania Corporation (ATC) the Tanzanian flag-carrier, was established on 11 March, 1977,
to operate the services suspended following the collapse of East African Airways (EAA), which
was owned jointly by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In the initial moment, the airline leased one Douglas DC-9-32, 5Y-ALR from Kenya Airways and
one Boeing 707-331 YN-BWL (exN762TW) from Areo Nica. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DC-9-32 5Y-ALR prior delivery to Air Tanzania 1977 (colour scheme imagination).xxxxxxxxxx

Boeing 707-320, N762TW c/n 17675 "Ngorongoro Crater" 1980 at Zurich International Airport.
This is flight TC 610 DAR - ZRH - LGW. The a/c was written of after an accident at Dar es xx
Salaam, Tanzania 1981 and was broken up, 1994. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xxxx

Boeing 737-2R8C(Adv), 5H-ATC c/n 21710 "Kilimanjaro" delivered in December 1978 wearing the xx
attractive colours of Air Tanzania which were based on the national flag. Here seen at Kilimanjaro x.x
International Airport, November 6, 1982. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Regular and domesic flights followed by useing Boeings 737-200s and Fokker F27s and adding
De Havilland DHC-6 "Twin Otters" to its fleet for domestic services from Kilimanjaro. xxxxxxxx

Air Tanzania in the first coulour scheme 1977

Fokker F27-600, PH-EXC c/n 10566 prior delivery to Air Tanzania as 5H-MPT. Here seen at Schiphol,
Amsterdam 1977. (Photo: Werner Fishdick) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DeHavilland Canada DHC6 Twinn Otter 300 5H-MRB c/n 579 prior delivery to Air Tanzania in May1978.
Here seen at Toronto-Downsview, Ontario, Canada. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

New colour scheme 1978

Fokker F27-600RF Friendship 5H-MPU c/n 10569, at Dar es Salaam International Airport 1981. xxxx
Photo: Tony Edlind Collection/AirTeamImages.com

DeHavilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 5H-MRB c/n 579 1981 at Luqa Malta International aiport (MLA).
Photo: Joseph Tonna

Initial Flights

During 1980/81 the airline operated international/regional flights from Dar es Salaam to Athens (707),
Antanarivo (737), Bombay (707) Bujumbura (737, Cairo (707), Frankfurt (707), Kigali (737), London-xx
Gatwick (707), Mahe(737), Maputo (737), Mauritius (737), Moroni (FKF), Muscat (737) and Rome (707).

From summer schedules 1981 flights were operated by the Boeing 707-320 (N762TW) to Egypt-Europe,
U.A.E, -Pakistan-India but theese flights were cancelled when the aircraft was involved in an accident at
Dar es Salaam. Details of this accident are unknown). The carrier also leased a single Boeing 720-022
c/n 18080, N62215 an ex Transair, Bahamas and owned by Calidonian Airlines Inc. for a short period of
three months (12/79 - 2/80) to operte on their routes. (unknown). Due to unknown circumstances the air-
craft was seen for a long time stored (wfu) at the Kilimanjaro Airport and was scrapped there by the lessor.

Domestic flights from Dar es Salam to Bukoba (DHT), Dodoma (DHT/FKF), Iringa (DHT), Kigoma (737),
Kilimanjaro (707/737/DHT/FKF), Kilwa (DHT/FKF), Lindi (FKF), Mafia (DHT), Masasi (DHT), Mbeya (DHT),
Mtwara (737/DHT/FKF), Musoma (FKF), Mwanza (737/FKF), Nachingwea (FKF), Njombe (DHT), Pemba
(DHT/FKF), Songea (FKF), Tabora (FKF), Zanzibar (DHT/FKF)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Due to decreased traffic, two of the F27s (reg. unknown)were removed from services in 1981, but were
returned two years later only to be removed again in 1984xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Photo: pbase.com

26 February 1982. 5H-ATC Boeing 737-2R8C. Five haijackers demanded on a flight from Mwanza
to Dar es Salaam to be taken to th UK.The aircraft was refuled atJeddah and in Athens two pass-
engers were released). Final destination was UK,Stansted. Fatalities: 0/ Occupants 89. xxx.xxx

In December Air Tanzania lunched their inagurationflight, a new service to Muscat,Oman by useing their
their Boeing 737 5H-ATC. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

20 Deember 1984. 5H-MRD Twin Otter.The aircraft went into a spin and crashed on the approch to Kerge.
The pilot had lost control possibly due to attention diverted t no engine fire.
Fatalities: 3/ Occupants 3. The
aircraft was written off.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13 February 1988. Boeing 737-2R8C. Two (2) hijackers demanded on a flight from Dar es Salaam to
Nairobi to be taken to the UK, Stanstead.The plane was stormed and the haijacers were arrested. The
duration of the haijack was two days. Fatalities: 0/ Occupants2.


3 May 1990. 5H-MRB Twin Otter involved in a minor accident at Dodoma.Fatalities: 0/Occupants 3.


Photo: Tony Edlind Collection

The airline leased a single Boeing 767-200 1991/1992 from Ethiopian Airlines but this aircraft was
to large and uneconomical and the airline had to dispose it to the lessor.


12 December 1993. 5H-MPT Fokker F27. The undercarriage collappsed on touchdown following a flap-
less approach to land on Dar es Sallam International Airport. The aircraft sustained major structrual.
The aircraft was written off damage to the fuselage and was witdrawn from use and used for spares.
Fatalities: 0/Occupants 2. The aircraft was written off.

In May 1994, Shannon Aerospace of Ireland was hired to maintain the two Boeing-200s including work
of the aircraft interior and repainting. The fleet include one Boeing 767-200ER (leased from Ethiopian),
two Boeing 737-200Cs, three de Havilland DHC-6 Twinn Otter 300s and three Fokker F27-600s. The x
airline's intention was to replace the older 737 with newer models and replace the F-27s with two xxx
Fokker 50s. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

International destinations included: Bujumbura, Djibouti, Entebbe, Gaborone, Harare, Johannesburg,
Kigali, Lilongwe, London, Lusaka and Muscat. Operations to Johannesburg were operated by Air xxx
Malawi for the airline.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Air Tanzania participates in discussion to be a 10 percent shareholder in the Alliance Partnership,
Alliance Air later known as SA Alliance, an airline based at Entebbe International Airport in Entebbe/
Kampala, Uganda. It was set up in 1994 as an entity jointly owned airline by Air Tanzania, South
African Airways and Uganda Airlines in order to compete with major international airlines. The carrier
operated a singel Boeing 747SP leased from South African Airlines between East Africa and Europe.


Boeing 747SP-44, ZS-SPA cn 211321/280 at Entebbe Int. Airport, Uganda
on April 1997.

Photo: Richard Vandervord.

Air Tanzania was privatized late 1998 and the plans to be fully merged into Alliance Air failded. Alliance
Air operations ended in 1999 due to heavy depts. Alliance Air served Dar es Salaam, Kiliminjaro and
London-Heathrow from Entebbe. Due to this, the plans were cancelled and the airline remained state-
owned. The airline was originally wholly owned by the Tanzanian government and via Air Tanzania
Corporation (ATC). Meanwhile the Boeing 737-200, 5H-ATC was due for C-check, the carrier leased a
Boeing 737-300 XA-SWO from TAESA on a short term basis.

Boeing 737-300, XA-SWO c/n 27284 "Ngorongoro" 1999 at Dubai International Airport leased from
TAESA (Transportes Aéreos Ejecutivos), Brazil during 1998/1999.

Photo: Chris Doggett

Air_Tanzania_Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-300, 5H-TCA c/n 24790 "Ngorongoro" 2001 at Kilimanjaro International Airport. This air-
craft flies by the Egyptian Karthago Airlines as TS-IEE since June, 2003. .

Photo: Tony Edlind

This Dornier 208-201 ZS-OVM c/n 8056 was leased from South African Airways, here seen 2002 at
Zanzibar Intenational Airport.

Photo: G. Paulo Colombo

Odd aircrafts:

This former - Olympic Airways - Boeing 720-051B, SX-DBN cn18668 here
seen at Athens/Hellinikon (HEW/LGAT) was due for lease to Air Tanzania
and Air Guinee Express 1980 - 1981 but the contracts were never taken up.
The aircraft was stored in Athens to 1981 and sold to Aeronica and was fe-
rried to MIA and was broken up in 1991. Photo: George Pantalos collection

This former British Island Airways McDonnell Douglas MD-83 cn 49643/
1423 was leased by Air Tanzania during 1989. Here seen as N-945AS Areo
Mexico at Phonix - Sky - Harbour Int. (PHX/KPHX) in 2005.Photo: Robin
Guess AZ Action, Photo collection

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The venture Air Tanzania/South African Airways

Boeing 737-236 Adv. 5H-MUZ c/n 22029 in the new SAA-group subsidiary colour scheme at
Johannesburg, South Africa 2003.
Photo: Ringo Chui

In February 2002, the government began the process of privatizing the airline and advertisments were
placed in the local, regional and international media inviting potential bidders. Four airlines of eight bid-
ders carried out diligence; South African Airways (SAA), Kenya Airways, Comair and Nationwide. The
government selected SAA as the winning bidder.In December the same year, SAA signed an agreement
with the government and purchased a 49% stake in ATC.

The two Boeing 737-2R8C(Adv) aircrafts 5H-ATC and 5H-MRK were withdrawn from service and were
were in South Africa. SAAs plans were to renew the fleet by Boeing 737-800s but the fleet was "renewed"
by four old Boeing 737-200s, two Fokker F-28s and two De Haviland Dash 8-315.

The SAA-plans were to renew the fleet by Boeing 737-800s
but the fleet was instead updated by four old Boeing-737-200s.


One of the domestic carrier, Fokker F-28 4000 Fellowship
ZS-JAS c/n 11225 here seen at Dar es Salaam International
Airport on 10th August 2004.
Photo: Hannes Meyer


De Haviland Dash 8-315 ZS-NMA c/n 358 one of the domestic
carriers prior to delivery to Air Tanzania at Johannesburg, Jan
Smutz International airport, South Africa on 10th April 2004.
Photo: Hannes Meyer

Was this possibly the future of Air Tanzania Boeing 767-300
in a smart ATC/SAA livery.
Design: peteking design

On 31st Januari 2005, Air Tanzanaia suspended one of its few regional services from Dar es Sa-
laam to Nairobi, Kenya, following intense competition from Kenya Airways on the route.

The same year Air Tanzania recorded a pre-tax loss of almost USD 7,3 million in its first year of the
privatisation and part ownership by SAA. The loss was mainly attributed to the inability to expand the
network as quickly and extensively as originaly planned. It had been hoped to launch services to
Dubai,India and Europe but these had been delayed as there were only Boeing 737-200s in the
fleet. The development of Dar es Salaam International Airport as a hub for SAA alliance had also
not proceeded as planned.

The government of Tanzania bought back on 7th September 2006 the 49 per cent stake in ATC for usd
1 million, hence officially terminating its partnership with SAA. The venture collapsed due to the
partners different interests in the business.

Two Boeing 737-247 Adv, 5H-MVV and 5H-MVZ were leased from Celtic Capital Air Corporation, Canada
on a two years contract at 50 000 US dollars each per month.

Boeing 737-247 Adv. 5H-MVV c/n 23602 at Johannesburg, South Africa Feb.3, 2008.
Photo: Jacobus Saayman

Boeing 737-2R8C(Adv), 5H-ATC c/n 21710 "Kilimanjaro" seen here stored at Johannesburg - Lanseria,
March 20, 2009. In 2007 the fin was repainted in allwhite colour but the SAA-loggo "Air Tanzania" was
kept. In 2010 the aircraft was again repainted in an allwhite coulour with a smart light blue strip and
reregistred ZS-SMX, Bionic Aviation. The aircraft was last seen in Lagos/Angola in JED titles (cargo)
2011 with the registration 5N-BMS.

Photo: Maarten Visser.

The sistership, Boeing 737-2R8C (Adv), 5H-MRK c/n 21711 "Ngorongoro" was reregistered as ZS-OWM
and leased to Air Namibia in 1999. In 2002 it was transfered to Trans Air Congo and in 2004 to Executive
Aerospace. In 2004 it was sold to Falconbridge Ltd, Canada as C-FFAL and then in 2007 to Xstrata Nickel
after the take-over from Falconbridge. The aircraft is based at Toronto International Airport.


Air Tanzania "Wings of Kilimanjaro"

Airbus A320-214. 5H-MWH c/n 630 at Johannesburg, South Africa Feb.3, 2008.
Photo: Sean Mowatt

Air Tanzania Company Ltd (ATCL "Wings of Kilimanjaro" was relaunched in September 2007 after the
dissulution of the partnership with South African Airways (SAA). The "new" airlines inagural flight
went to Mwanza from Dar es Salaam via Kilimanjaro.

The introduction of the airline's new logo bears the image of the national symbol, "The Giraffe", to
replace the SAA flag symbol. The "new" aircraft in the fleet, the Airbus A320 was leased from Wallis
Trading Company on a six years contract.

The Airbus leasing in October 2007 was in line with preparations for what was expected to be a divest-
iture of ATCL, which was to be partly sold to Chinese company Sonangol, which never signed a formal
contractual agreement with the Government. But it had pledged to buy ATCL not less than five Airbus
aircrafts by 2012 as part of the proposed privatization scheme.

In line with an eagerly awaited ATCL take-over by Sonangol, the ATCL management rushed to lease
A320-214 from Wallis Trading, a company said to have a close working relationship with Sonangol,
headed by influential Hong Kong businessman, Sam Pa. The plane (A320) had been operated in
Liberia where it was leased, before it was leased to El Salvador.

By the time ATCL entered into the the lease agreement in October 2007 the aircraft was already due to
go for C-check within the coming 6 month. On its return from technical maintenance in May 2008, the
plane remained in the air for seven months until December 2008 when was re-grounded now for D-
Check and never flown ever since, until it was released by ATCL in October 2011. That was two years
before expiration of the lease agreement but the leasing bill stands as if the plane fully operated throug-
hout the agreed period of lease.

De Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-311 Dash 8, 5H-MWG c/n 462.
Photo: Jari Alanko

Fleet 2008
5H-MWH Airbus A320-214 c/n 363
5H-MVV Boeing 737-247 Adv c/n 23520
5H-MVZ Boeing 737-247 Adv c/n 23607
5H-MWF De Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-311 DASH 8 c/n 474
5H-MWG De Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-311 DASH 8 c/n 462

2008 Future?
In February 2008, the carrier acquired two DeHavilland Dash DHC 8-Q311, 5H-MWG and 5H-MWF from NAC,
Nordic Aviation Conractor A/S. These aircrafts were previosly operated by Flybe/BA. The two aircrafts com-
menced service, after having been repainted in the livery of Tanzania´s national airline.

In August the Tanzanian government held secret talks with the Chinese Development Bank to sell the 49%
shares acquired back from SAA to a Hong Kong base private firm with a view to reviving the airline. The bu-
reaucrazy within the government has delayed the takeover. During October ATCL replaced the Airbus A320 on
the Dar es Salaam - Moroni, Comoros Islands route by Dash-8-311Q aircrafts.

Dark Skies - Temporary Suspension of Service
ATCL had leased two B737-200 but as time went by the carrier stopped useing one of them. The Boeing
737 5H-MVV was returned to the lessor. The two remaining major aircrafts, the Airbus A320 and the Boeing
737-200 5H-MVZ were due for undergoing major mechanical checks, technically known as "C Check"
and they were going to be grounded at Dar es Salaam International Airport.

Later in the same month, the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) withdraw the Air Operator Certificate
for Air Tanzania for reasons accruing to mainly unsatisfactory safety and operational manuals. TAC decided
to volontarily resign from IATA membership in order to preserve its status while preparing for the 105A audit
which is a prerequisite for all member airlines. The company was granted the Air Operator Certificate by
TCAA two weeks later and was in a process to return to IATA.

Then in January 2009, the two planes, the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 were taken out of service for
major maintenance. The Airbus was ferried for "C-Check" to Air Mauritius sercice Unit in Mauritius. Details
from ATCL showed later that, the Airbus A320 had to undergo D Check — the heaviest check for the air-
crafts, also known as a Heavy Maintenance visit (HMV) done approximately after 4–5 years. This check
occurs approximately every 5 years and should have been noticed when the "D-Checks" for their aircraft
years in advance. But that fact was only established after the agreement was hastily penned down, leading
to the aircraft to be grounded in France for seven months. The Airbus then was ferried to Airbus Mainte-
nance at Toulouse-Blangnac in France. In July the aircraft was returned to the lessor.

The Boeing B737, 5H-MVZ was feried for overhaul in to SAA Technical SAT at JNB in South Africa for C-check
and change of engine and was later back in service.

ATCL signed in early 2010 a 18 month contract with the lessor for operating the remaining B737-200, 5H-
MVZ. The government of Tanzania took the decision to invite more international firms to vie for a stake in
Air Tanzania even though the government enters the final stages of a two-year discussions with China
Sonangol Internationl Holdings Ltd. Five firms based in the US, the UK and the United Arab Emirates have
also shown interests in running the airline.

Is this the final countdown?


1 March 2010. Air Tanzania, 5H-MVZ Boeing 737-247. Flight TC 100, while attempting to land at Mwanza
Airport (IATA: MWZ)RWY 30, the nosewheel collapsed during the skid, the aircraft swerved off the runway
and skidded for about a kilometer before coming to a stop with both maingear on soft ground. The
aircraft received damages to its nosegear and the righthand engine. All 39 passengers and crew of 7
escaped unhurt.

The black box, Flight Data Recoreder (DFR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder was sent abroad for analysis.
The aircraft was written off by lack of adequate equipment at Mwanza to repair the aircraft and to get it
flight readyness status for a ferry fligh to a maintenace facility for major repairs.

The government of Tanzania took up discussions with China Sonangol International Holdings Ltd. to
acquire a majority stake four years ago Allmost half a billion US dollars would be needed to get the
airline back on its feet. But Tanzania may sever ties with China’s Sonangol International Ltd over failure
by the company to invest and take over 49 per cent shares in the ailing Air Tanzania Company Ltd
(ATCL) as agreed. Efforts by the government to find a strategic investor failed for serveral years and
left Air Tanzania in a financially precarious position.

This allowed Precision Air to rev up their market share and become Tanzania's predominant airline
in recent years. The airline operates the largest fleet of ATR 42 and ATR 72 in Eastern Africa, besides
which they flew a B737.

Boeing 737-247(Adv) 5H- MVZ, c/n 23607 stored at Mwanza Airport awaiting its fate. Hence the UN
titled/registrated MIL Mi-8 helicopter to the right behind the aircraft.

Photo: Duncan Kirk

The Boeing 737-247 5H- MVZ at HTMW in front of 3 No. MIL MI-8s helicopters.
Google Earth, July 2010.
The ATCL management stated in April, 2010 that it could not repair the B737 aircraft that crashed at
Mwanza since the cost of doing so would be too high. ATCL said that the Insurence Broker has agreed
to strike a deal and would take full charge of the damaged aircraft but the aggrement was not fullfilled.
The only remaing aircraft in the fleet i one De Havilland Canada DHC-8-311Q DASH.

Air Tanzania's AOC was previously suspended by the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority on 1 March
2010, after its only jet aircraft, a Boeing 737-200, suffered an undercarriage collapse. The airline was
subsequently allowed to resume domestic services with its one airworthy DHC-8, (reg 5H-MWG, serial
462) until it went for heavey maintenance in March in South Africa.

Air Tanzania back in the skies - Air Tanzania yazindua ndege mpya na kuanza kuruka kwenda Tabora
na Kigoma, November 2, 2011

The De Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-311 DASH 8 5H-MWG c/n 462 departing from Johannesburg during
late October, 2011 after several months of maintenance. The aircraft will operate on the
Dar es Salaam - Tabora - Kigoma routes.

Photo by: East African media.

The inaugural service for the relaunch was operated by the same aircraft on 1 November 2011, from Dar
es Salaam to Kigoma and Tabora. The company's managing director and chief executive was quoted at
the relaunch press conference as saying that four more aircraft would be acquired in the next few months
through "lease purchase arrangements" and apparently with funding from the government.

The second DeHavilland DHC8 Q-300 belived to be 5H-MWF will undergo service maintainance, in Tanzania, over
the next eight weeks at an extimated cost of US$250,000 and will re-enter service in early 2012. ACTL will
in the meantime lease a Fokker 28 aircraft from JetLink Express on a standby basis, in case their only
operational airplane is incapacitated. In January 2012 ATCL will lease a Canadian Regional Jet CRJ-200
from JetLink Express. Air Tanzania will codeshare with Air Uganda and Air Zimbabwe.

Given its troubled recent history, Air Tanzania's return to the skies will have come as a surprise to those
commentators that expected the country's leading airline, privately owned Precision Air (which is
affiliated to Kenya Airways) and the second-ranked carrier, the multinational, Lonrho-backed, newcomer
Fly540, to effectively take over the erstwhile flag carrier's limited route network in the aftermath of the
most recent grounding.

News 2012

De Havilland Canada DHC-8-Q311 Dash 8, 5H-MWF c/n 472.

Air Tanzania's Plans for Self Maintenance Raises Serious Safety Concerns 30th January 2012.
Source: Roboblogger: An announcement earlier in the week by financially crippled Air Tanzania that
they were intending to maintain their presently single aircraft, a Bombardier Q300, at their home base
in Dar es Salaam, has raised immediate concerns over compliance with Airworthiness Directives.

Strategic Joint venture Agreement is being signed between Air
Tanzania and AEROVISTA

March 29, 2012. Source: Aerovista News. AEROVISTA will be leasing its B737-500 for Air Tanzania
and will be sourcing more aircrafts depending upon the requirements in future. Aerovista is an airline
based in Sharja, United Arab Emirates and has a fleet of nine aircrafts

Not again, is this the final deathblow?


April 9, 2012. Source: DailyNews online Edition/THE CITIZEN. Thirty five passengers and four crew
members aboard a Dash 8-300 aircraft 5H-MWG escaped alive on Monday while takingoff when the
crew attemted to abort the takeoff and the plane skidded off the runway at Tanzania's Kigoma airport.
The aircraft, belonging to Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), was en-route to the commercial
capital Dar es Salaam via Tabora. No one was injured but two elderly ladies were taken to the hospital
for chock-treatment.

Aviation officials confirmed last Monday that the accident, which occurred in the morning, at 10.15am
seriously damaged the plane, the one belonging to the national flag carrier. All the passengers and
crew members were rescued shortly after flight TC 119 ran off the runway. It was said that the takeoff
was probably aborted after one of its engines ceased and the plane skidded off the runway after its
tyres got stuck in muddy potholes. The aircraft came to stop with the nose gear collapsed and the right-
hand maingear separated from the airframe. The aircraft is probably beyond repair and will be written
off. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has started an air accident investigation with
a team of technical experts being sent to Kigoma.

According Travel Blackboard: Air Tanzania has recruited the assistance of Precision Air to help carry
already booked passenger for up to a week while the airline completes maintenance on their seccond
sisteraircraft, the DeHavilland Dasch Q300 5H-MWF which was expected to enter operations next month.

Air Tanzania back in the skies again on 15 May, 2012 with a leased
Boing 737-500 from Areovista, Dubai!

Air Tanzania - starts operation to Mwanza - Air Tanzania yazindua
ndege mpya na kuanza kuruka kwenda Mwanza.

The Jointventure agreement:

AEROVISTA will be leasing its B737-500 for Air Tanzania and will be sourcing more aircrafts depen-
ding upon the requirements in future, develop a fully fledged hanger with line maintenance facility
in Dar es Salaam,training the crew and engineers for ATCL and cabin crew training for B737CL
aircrafts. AEROVISTA and Air Tanzania will work closely to develop routes and offer better commercial
solutions for an improved yield management and operational results.

AEROVISTA with its new identity in Tanzania “Aerovista Tanzania Limited “ will be exploring similar
avenues in the aviation industry to support the small and medium airline.

Air Tanzania B737-5H6, 4L-AJB at EgyptAir Maintenance & Engineering Hangar 8000, Cairo Inter-
national Airport.
Photo by Aerovista:

After two days delay the Air Tanzania (ATCL) Boeing 737-5H6 leased from Aero Vista, Dubai arrived on
last Saturday 13 th May 2012 to Julius Nyrere International Airport in Dar es Salaam. The aircraft
branded in ATCL corporate colours is figured to carry 108, 12 passengers in the business as well as
96 passengers in the ecconomy class.

The "new" jet will however only be able to fly to such destinations like Kilimanjaro, Dodoma, Mwanza or
Zanzibar, as most other airports and aerodromes are only able to cater for the landing of smaller turbo-
prop aircrafts, like the Bombardier Dash Q400 is efficient especially in Tanzania where most
airports are unpaved.

The company´s mid-sized DASH-8 5H-MWF at the same time was undergoing a heavy C-check at ATCL´s
hangar at the Dar es Salam Terminal.

The "new" 737 restarted operation flights on 18th May on the Dar es Salaam- Mwanza and later on the
international flights to Comoros.

Boeing 737-500
The Boeing 737 is easily the most successful jet airliner out there, with well over 3000 in service. The
original CFM-engined 737 family consisted of three planes, the 737-300, the 737-400 and the 737-500.
All of these were basically the same plane with different fuselage lengths and thus different capacities.
The 737-500 was the shortest of the three and was designed as a replacement for the older and
noisier 737-200.

Air Tanzania started operations on Mwanza routes on
18th May, 2012!

Air Tanzania Facebook: Air Tanzania back in the skies and here seen on the apron of Mwanza airport
18.05. 2012

On 18th May Air Tanzania started to operate service with a Boeing 737-5H6 leased from AEROVISTA,
Dubai. The Dash DH8-311Q 5H-MWF is still undergoing heavy maintenance in AEROVISTA/ATCL
hanger at Dar es Salaam Airport for at least six weeks.

According statements from the CEO, ATCL need to win back the lost glory as a national carrier that is
committed to safety and top service as its services were severely affected when its only aircraft in ser-
vice a DeHavilland DASH-8 5H-MWG was ivolved in an accident recently during take off at Kigoma

Onboard an Air Tanzania Boeing 737-500 flight bound for Mwanza!

Air Tanzania Boeing 737-5H6, 4L-AJB, cn 27354/2637

This is the classic Boeing 737-500 flightdeck.

The cabin interior.

Cabinattendants are preparing the dinner-service!

The Air Tanzania Boeing 737 grounded at Mwanza due to front window crack

July 20, 2012. Source: Tanzania Daily News. The plane developed a crack along the front window for-
cing the airliner to cancel its scheduled flights on Tuesday. Sources within the company said that the
airliner has already secured the necessary spare parts and the company’s engineers were working
round the clock to ensure the repair is done within the shortest time possible. Repair of our plane has
already begun and we expect it to be ready by today (yesterday). We have already secured the ne-
cessary spare parts from Britain and our engineers are working round the clock to ensure that main-
tenance is finalized. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Air Tanzania resumes its operations to Comoros by the Boeing 737-500!


Three days a week to Moroni, Comoros on July 9, 2012 as TC210/211. The flight was operated by xx
their sole operational aircraft, the Boeing 737-500 4L-ABJ. The flying time to Comoros is estimated to
1h 20 minutes per route. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

August 5, 2012; Air Tanzania returns the Boeing-5H6 4L-AJB
to the lessor.

ATCL tried to win back pasengers from other carriers and made big announcements by offering ridi-x
culous low fares to Kilimanjaro and Mwanza before they realized they were loosing a lot of money and
can not sustain operations. ATCL even talked about to get more aircrafts to its fleet.

The suspension of the AeroVista contract comes after the 737-500 was grounded in late July after it
had "developed cracks along the front window" necessitating the import of spare parts from the UK.


August 5, 2012; Air Tanzania has cancelled the contract with Aerovista and returned the only Boeing xx
737-500 to the lessor. The airline suspended all flights and reeboked passengers to other carriers. xx

The only options was to start operation with the single aircraft, the DeHavilland Canada DHC-8-Q311, xx
5H-MWF c/n 472 that was currently stored for heavy maintenance at Dar es Salaam International Air-xx
port. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Air Tanzania leases a 32 years old Boeing 737-200 to fly on the
domestic routes!

Air_Tanzania_Boeing 737-200
Air Tanzania leased this Boeing Boeing 737-236(A) ZS-SVV cn 22036 ex Star Air Cargo, South Africa.

On October 12th, Air Tanzania returned to skies again now with a 32 years old Boeing 737-236. ATCL x
is back after more than two months of suspension due to the dispute over a lease agreement with the
Dubai based airservices company, AEROVISTA, owners of the earlier leased Boeing 737-500, 4L-AJB.
This time AirTanzania has leased the B737-236,ZS-SVV from SouthAfrica where it has been in service
by Star Air Cargo. ZS-SVV arrived in Dar Es Salaam on 11th of October 2012 in Air Tanzania livery andx
started its operations the following day as flight TC108 to Mwanza.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The current agreement with Star Air Cargo looks cheaper based on the figure for lease of the Boeing x
737-200 compared to the fee for leasing a Boeing 737-500 from AEROVISTA earlier this year which xx
stood of $1700 per block hour. The rate for the Boeing 737-200 stands of $1350 per block hour and x
ATCL has signed for a minimum of 150 block hours per month.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comparing the Boeing 737-200 vs the -500 model, a newer edition of the Boeing 737 family, the -500
has less operational cost espesially comparing the fuel consumption which is 40 per cent of the xxx
Boeing 737-200.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Development 2013

On 10th of January, Air Tanzania will restart their flights to Kigoma useig their De Havilland Dash DH8-
Q300, 5H-MWF. Flightnumber TC118/TC119. .

Air Tanzania restarted operations to Kigoma by useing their De Havilland Dash Q311, 5H-MWF on 10
on of January. The aircraft had been in storage for a very long time for heavy maintenance due to lack
of spareparts and was now apporved to fly again.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The plane, rolled out from major check-C repairs, was on its first flight in the region, 10 months after
the airline’s other aircraft 5H- MWG crashed and was damaged beyond repair after a runway overrun
at Kigoma airport, whereby the wreckages of 5H-MWG still present at the area.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Against the wind again!


The ATCL Dash 8-Q311 5H-MWF enroute from Kigoma, to Dar es Salaam with 39 passengers and 4 x
crew on board, had to make an air-turn back when one of the windshield windows developed crack xx
about 30 minutes after it took off from Kigoma on Friday.The crew did a safe landing at Kigoma airport.

Boeing 737-200 burden to ATCL.

According the Guardin on 3rd February; The Ailing Air Tanzania Comp.Ltd (ATCL) has suspended ope-
rations of the leased Boeing 737-200 on the Dar es Salaam - Mwanza route and operates with a single
plane, the DeHavilland DHC8-Q311 in a bid to cut the operational costs. Information reaching this paper
this week had it that the national airline has reduced the frequency of the Boeing plane on the main xx
route as its costs proved unbearable. Onceagain Air Tanzania has only one aircraft in its fleet.xxxxxx

On 8th February AirTanzania restarted operations to Mtwara by using its DeHavilland DHC8-Q311 (5H-
MWF). The carrier has also resumed flights to Moroni Hahaya three times a week.xxxxxxxxxXxxxx

Development 2014


AirTanzania CRJ-200, 5Y-WWA at Zanzibar

On March 18, after nearly two years operating with a single aircraft in the fleet, the DHC8-Q311 the
airline aquired on a twelve-month leasing contract a Kenyan registered CRJ-200, 5Y-WWA to in-
creasing flight frequencies to existing routes and assuring reliability to its loyal customers on their
existing services to Mwanza, Comoros, Mtwara and Kigoma routes. Later this year

Air_Tanzania_Boeing 737-200
Deal or not deal - AirTanzania/Interair South Africa Boeing 737-200, ZS-IJA

AirTanzania (ATCL) signed a landmark code share deal with Interair. The agreement allowed
three flights a week between Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg as an introductory schedule.

The code shared flights were scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and would be ope-
rated by a Boeing 737-200 with 12 passengers in business class and 91 in economy class.

In October the same year Interair suspended their Johannesburg - Dar es Salaam route with
immediate effect. Communications manager of Interair, Anabela Correia, said that the airline
had determined that the traffic on the route due to that it was not commercially viable.
(Authors note: Probably due to that Interair is operating too old ZS-IJA 33.8 year aircrafts).

Development 2015

The Bombardier Q300 5H-MWF ramained for heavy maintenance in the hanger and was taken
into service in mid June. During this time a short lease contract of a single Canadair CRJ-100
(ZS-KEM) was established in February, 2015 betwen Air Tanzania and ACMI in South Africa
on a short lease contract. During 2015 an another CRJ-100, ZS-CMR from ACMI has been
seen in the fleet. Conditions of this contract is not yet knewn.


Air Tanzania continues to operate some restricted limited service number of domestic routes beacause
of inadequate funding to acquire more planes. The Tanzania’s government is considering selling a stake
in the national carrier in a turnaround strategy that may be implemented after a new president is elected
on 29th October. Still in the end of December there has been no result of a proposal and a new dawn of

For the time beeing Fastjet controls the domestic and regional market. Precision Air has the market for
secondary airports wrapped up because their ATR fleet is best suited to land on those shorter runways.

Then there are those companies with smaller planes like Auric or Coastal Aviation which serve a lot of
places including national parks. Therefore it is very difficult for Air Tanzania to survive such competition.

Development 2016


The return of the Dash 8 Q300 5H-MWF brings to two, the number of ATCL aircraft in operation.

The aircraft went through a successful routine maintenance service at the airline's hangar at Dar es
Salaam's Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) to comply with the Tanzania Civil Aviation
Authority (TCAA) safety standards. This mean that the aircraft, the Dash 8 Q300 will enable ATCL to
execute its short-term plan of re-establishing the carrier's traditional routes to Kilimanjaro and Tabora
as well as increasing its flying frequency to Mwanza.

Airports in Tanzania


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