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The Royal Bengal tiger


The Royal Bengal tiger is the largest living member of the cat family. Out of the eight different tiger species, only 4 are remaining. The tiger is endangered! Less than 2000 tigers now remain in India, which makes India a home to the most tigers in the world.

Scientific name: Panthera Tigris

Description: Reddish yellow coat with black stripes. Male Bengal tigers average 2.9 meters from head to tail and weigh about 220 kgs. Females average 2.5 meters and weigh about 140 kgs.

Diet: Wild pig, wild cattle and several species of deer is the tigers major prey. Tigers can eat as much as 40 pounds of prey at one time.

The white tiger All white tigers in the wild are a color variation of the bengal tiger. White tigers are very rare, and there are two, a cub and the father, in Bannerghatta National Park. They are not albinos (otherwise they would have pink eyes), nor a different species. White tigers are born if both parents carry white coloring genes.