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User Requirements for Sunset Academy


Local Area Network


            The Sunset Academy has two LANs – the curriculum LAN and the administrative LAN. Each LAN will be implemented using Ethernet technology and will use CAT5 UTP for Horizontal cabling, able to support up to 100Mbps. Backbone cabling will be Fiber Optic multi-mode cable, complying to TIA/EIA 568-A and TIA/EIA 569 standards. Projected growth for the next ten years is about 100x for the LAN core throughput and should be supported. It is assumed that Sunset has 250 computers for the curriculum LAN and 75 computers for the administrative LAN.


Sunset has one Main Distribution Facility (MDF) located at the Point of Presence and several Intermediate Distribution Facilities. Each room requiring a network connection should be able to support up to 24 computers and will be supplied with 4 CAT5 UTP runs. Decorative moldings will be used for the cable runs.


Wide Area Network and Internet Connectivity


Sunset is connected to the Washington District Wide Area Network via the main school router, SunsetA. Only two protocols are allowed: TCP/IP and Novell IPX. Internet connectivity is provided through the District Office, where separate E-mail, DNS, and WWW servers are located.


Addressing and Network Management


            Sunset Academy uses a class B address to be able to support the projected LAN growth. Curriculum computers will obtain addresses using DHCP and the server for Sunset Academy is located at the MDF. Administrative workstations are assigned static IP addresses.




            Internet Connectivity utilizes a double firewall implemented using ACLs to prevent outside computers from accessing the school’s private network. Also, traffic from the curriculum LAN is prohibited to administration LAN. Exceptions to this may be included in the ACL, but for this Case Study no such computers are assumed to exist.