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Physical Lan Design and Details of the MDF And IDF Rooms


Figure 1.0 Locations of MDF and IDFs. The MDF is located at the POP (Point of Presence). The IDFs are identified by the red boxes and are labeled from I1 to I6.


Three school routers, SunsetA, SunsetB, and SunsetC are located at the MDF, and there is one IDF for each subnetwork. Each cable run, denoted by the red line of Figure 1.0, contains 5 CAT5 UTP cables capable of supporting Gigabit Ethernet that connects the IDFs to the MDF. The MDF contains 4 12-port switches (3 for the curriculum LAN and 1 for the administrative LAN) to connect to the routers, which in turn provide connectivity to the WAN.


The IDFs each contain 3 12-port switches, which connect to the data media termination points (DMPT), Figures 2.1 and 2.2 below. Each red line for Figures 2.1 and 2.2 contain 4 CAT5 UTP capable of at least 100Mbps for each DMTP, connected from the IDF switches and terminated at the data media termination points. Each DMTP contains three 10-port hubs, each hub connected to one of the four CAT5 UTP and serving to support the 24 curriculum computers for each room. The other CAT5 cable connects to the teacherís computer and is terminated not at the IDF but at the MDF where the hubs for the administrative LANs are located.


Figure 2.1 Sunset Building A West



Figure 2.2 Sunset Building A East, Buildings B and C