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Network Features


††††††††††† Sunset Network has two LANsó the administrative LAN and the curriculum LAN. As the curriculum LAN is more than thrice the size of the administrative LAN, the curriculum LAN is assigned more subnetworks. Subnetworks divide the broadcast domains and minimize broadcast traffic, although this employs more routers and increases costs. Class B IP addresses are used for Sunset academy, with four bits borrowed for the subnets. This allows the LANs to expand to up to fourteen subnets, each subnet being able to support 4094 hosts.


††††††††††† Each Data Media Termination Point uses 4 100Mpbs connections to the IDF, 3 of them for the curriculum LAN. This is shared by 24 hosts, meaning that on average, only 4.16 Mbps of bandwidth is available to each unit. Also, with 8 computers to a single hub, this means that collisions may occur rather frequently.