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WAN Requirements

The Washington School District Wide Area Network will connect all school and administrative offices through three central sites: the Data Center (Phoenix NW), the Service Center (Greenway) and the Shaw Butte School (Sunnyslope). Enterprise and workgroup servers are located at the central sites to provide application, email and file storage services. Sunset Academy connects to the Service Center for WAN connectivity.


The central sites are connected via three regional hubs. TCP/IP and IPX are the only protocols used in the the district WAN, while a Frame Relay connection is used for Internet connectivity.


Physical and Logical WAN Design


Each central site has several routers that have a total of ten serial links, two to each of the other central sites plus three to the schools. Serial connections will be subinterfaced to be able to support all schools connecting to the central site. In addition, there each site has at least two routers capable of servicing ISDN connections from the schools. The Data Center has an additional 2 serial lines for Internet connectivity. Each central site has its own enterprise servers, while workgroup servers are located at their respective schools.