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Novell IPX


The effects of implementing Novell IPX are as follows:



Addressing Scheme of the workstations would be IP subnet address converted to hex that would serve as the network address. The MAC address would serve as the host address. Example subnet address is would be A0380300. for the routers interfaces, the design is 3 routers A,B, & C, the connected interfaces have the same network address, for example s0 of A and s1 of B is connected the network address is A0B1 or B1A0. Ethernet sub-interfaces would be used since IPX does not support IP subnetting. Ethernet interfaces would have a maximum of 15 sub-interfaces. The network would only be implementing Ethernet sap or Ethernet 802.2 frame encapsulation to operate in NetWare version 3.12 or later.


Configuration changes: