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Academia- Gaian Tutors

Welcome to Academia. We are a Gaia based business that provides Tutors for those willing to dish out a few golds. For those few who are not familiar with Gaia, it is a massive forum that includes role playing, an art area, the ever wonderful avvies, and so much more. Go to Gaia *points down to links* to check it out. If you join, tell them Silver Mist sent you! ^_~ For those of you already familiar with wonderful Gaia, the point of this page is to have a home base of sorts for business I started. Academia is run by moi- Silver Mist- and watched over by Meepfur whenever I disappear. As I said earlier, getting a tutor with us through Gaia will cost gold. The amounts are preset. Price depends on whether a tutor is rented or bought. A rented tutor is at your beck and call for one week. A purchased tutor is yours for one month. A rented middle school tutor cost 150 gold per week. A bought middle school tutor cost 500 gold per month. (middle school is defined as 6th through 8th grades) A high school tutor may be rented for 300 gold per week or may be purchased for 1000 a month. (high school is defined as 9th through 12th grades) A tutor for high school AP level classes shall be more expensive and harder for me to find for you. Renting such a tutor would cost 400 gold per week and purchasing such a tutor would cost 1500 a month. Times and days for the tutoring sessions are to be arranged by the tutor and the one coughing up the money. It would be in your best interests to make sure the person you would like to have tutor you is available when you would need them before purchasing.