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Volleyball Tips

Tips on Blocking

Keep your eyes open at all times. It's not easy, but it's important. If you miss, work hard to pick up the flight of the ball as quickly as possible after it goes by. This will tell you what your next move should be. Make sure to pike, push the ball forward and down, so it is less likely to dribble down in front of you. Keep your hands ball-width apart. It's like having a third hand up there! Know your opposing hitters. Call them out to your teammates, for their information and your own. The farther outside the ball is set, the more likely it is to be hit angle. Stay home and cover the angle, rather than following the hitter outside.

Tips on Spiking

Right from the beginning, making a proper approach is the key to becoming a great spiker. So think about making your beginning players, and those players who can't seem to get it together later on, do air spikes everyday as part of their warm up routine. Have them get back to the 10 line, make their 2 or 3 step approach, depending upon which approach style you prefer, and go through the entire motion, including a high reach and follow through. Every day, their bodies will begin to develop a muscle memory of the proper execution of the approach, and players will begin to experience more success.

Tips on Serving

A simple float serving technique can score you aces. Simply toss the ball so that your hand contacts directly on the serve. Although you won't be able to have complete control over its action, contacting the stem makes the ball behave erratically in the air. That erratic motion makes it harder for your opponent to pass, thus scoring you more aces.