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Find Bios Discography and Lyrics All On The Darkness Cometh





The War of Art


1. A Violent Reaction
Pushing The Envelope
3. Song For The Suspect
4. Never Get Caught
5. Self
6. Just So You Know
7. Seamless

8. Effigy
9. Americ*** Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage
10. Shutdown
11. We Believe
12. Breathe In, Bleed Out
13. Fall
14. Reach And Touch
15. All Wrapped Up
16. Nothing Gets Nothing

The Feeding


1. Loyalty
2. Pledge Allegiance
3. Dirty
4. Ridicule
5. Take what I've taken
6. Leave me Alone
7. Walk Away
8. Erratic
9. Fiend
10. Cowards
11. To be Me


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ŠThe Darkness Cometh was written and is therefore property of Lee Arnold