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Welcome to  Teen Gainers
This Site is under construction.

This website is for teenage boys who are fat, want to be fat, or want to become fatter. This website is also for teenage boys or girls who are FA's or Fat Admirers. An FA is somewone who isn't fat, but they admire people who are. This site will feature tips on getting fatter, a place to post stories about fat, and of course will feature pictures of fat teens. If you are a teenage boy (aged 13-19) and want your picture (No nudity) on this site please submit to me the following: Handle, Age, weight (in pounds) height (in feet and inches), Location, whether your a gainer or an FA, or undecided, and whether or nor you want me to post your email address. Please click here to submit that information. Also feel free to submit any sightings you see when you're out and about. To submit a story or anything other than a profile click here to submit it.

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