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Substance Abuse and Its Effects

Substance use causes a wide range of effects on the individual. Many of which are not expected or known. Several substances give the user a high but afterwards a crash is experienced. The crash may cause the individual more discomfort than he or she felt prior to using the substance. For instance, lets say that you used cocaine in order to push aside a personal problem. You may get high and forget about your problem. However, when the crash approaches you may have feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and a discrete dependence. So take those symptoms and add your dilema to it. If I am not mistaken your situation is probably a lot worst then where you started. Well that does not seem to be a very good solution!! Subtance use not only affects the individual but also that person's family. A substance alters an individual's mood and ability to perform certain motor skills. Substance use can disrupt family life and also also bring up codependency. Codependency is where the individual is depended upon the substance but also depended on using family to continue their usage of the substance.

Types of Substances