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Party Dot Reveals The Secretary's Diabolical Plans

Hello fellow Team Druid Incorporated Employees & Members I have an important announcement to make. First off, I was only able to make this report possible because your head Secretary of Quality Assurance Butters has passed out, at the computer desk with his white hairs on his chest eating leeches. Now the report of most important information regarding the status of Team Druid Incorporated. Eventhough I am connected to Butters and I am part of him and, might be affiliated with his actions. I must agree with The President/CEO & The Vice President/ Chairman of Internal Development. Butters has went to far this time, all of his past attempts to bring down Team Druid Incorporation were not planned out and well amateurish. He had in this book that, [had a pink cover with a DEBS receipt, he used as a book marker and said in glitter "my special diary"]. Stated his plans to take down the Team Druid Corporation in its early stages of development, cause of his jealously towards Shingouki. It also stated several times of conversations with outside sources, such as the Town Elders and his brothers of Team Bluefield. In the conversations were plans of deceit, and hatred towards Team Druid Incorporated and its popularity. He and the others made plans for several of the members to end up "missing", the diary also made mention of interrogations of the now Vice President/Chairman of Team Druid Incorporated. The Vice President/Chairman once told me that Butters spit in his face and said "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!, you'll never have my POP & have a PARTY DOT!!! as I do!!! So quit trying!!!". Then what he told me happened after that was just so appalling... :( It's hard to say how much or how long this took place, because The Chairman only remembers so much. This is because after being cock smacked & burnt with cigarettes repeatedly and passing out from the pain, he woke up to him being tied up with a jar of “Vaseline” near his bloody rear. Now most of the people who hear this horrible tale of Butter's deceitful ways you probably won't believe it. But trust me its all true and appalling none the less, & by him letting the bi-sexual arm cutting Rufio’s into Team Druid Incorporated. Who knows what could happen next..? [Rhetorical question there people] He will try to over throw the President/CEO & the President's Advisers, and do with the Company as he wishes. As me being a party dot on his finger there is nothing I can do, except warn and convince people to take him out. So Please respond to my letter by signing this guestbook so The President/CEO & The Vice President/Chairman will know how many are loyal to my cause, and will seek the appropriate actions necessary. Sincerely Yours, Party Dot [2nd Office Floor Employee]

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