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The Neopets Hangout

The neopets hangout

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Jhudora against Illusen who do you like best? Will they ever settle there differences?Maybe mabe not. Jhudora located around/in faerieland in a dark smoky purple cloud shes pretty mean and shes Illusen sister. Illusen a nice sweet faerie located in her glade in meridell, she loves all animals a very earthy faerie guardian of meridell. If the two faeries are sisters how in the world did they come out so different?and how come they hate each other?most sisters love each other but im quessing something happened between the two? Was it between the two about who gets the most attention?When in why did Jhudora turn bad or was she born that way?Well i went to ask the two faeries there side of the story: Jhudoras side Q:Do you really hate Illusen? A: Yes Q: But why whats your side of the story? A: I guess she always got all the attention when we were kids she had our father wrapped around her finger she was his sweet Illusen I was the other kid in the home.Every one liked her better kids at school parents teachers even the animals. I wanted power over something so i stared reading about how to gain power make people fear me. Q: Do you really enjoy being feared? A: of course its the best you can get anything you want when people fear you! Q: Do you think people love you now? A: Im not sure if I want them to they will, they fear me so they will do whatever i want it doesnt really matter if im loved just as long as i get what I want!! Q: Dont you miss having a sister I mean if you joined together you two would be loved and powerful?! A: join with her no way im powerful enough by myself i dont need her i never have!!! Q: Whats some of your favorite things? A: laughing evily, evil, giving out quests, having power over others! the colors green purple and black , making potions, and being evil!!! Q: When do you think you two will get along? A: never! Q: who gave you your name? A: I have no clue I never asked and i dont even care! Q: Do you like animals? A: all the animals that are dark most of the others like Illusen so of course i dont like them!! Q: Why do you get so mad when people do quests for you and Illusen? A: Because they are either on her side or on mine how do i know shes not planning to do stuff to me and they would be helping her do that while helping me to its not right!!! Q:Have you ever thought of planning something against Illusen? A: I dont think I should answer that! After that Jhudora sent me off she didnt want me snooping around anymore is wat she said to me as i left.Then I turned in for the day. The next morning I was up and refreshed so I headed off to meridell. She greeting me happily as we sat down and at Illusens cookies and cream. Illusens side Q: Do you hate Jhudora? A: No of course not at times I dont like her but shes my sister so i love her. Q: Why do you think she hates you? A: Im not sure i didnt really do anything well my parents did kind of favor me over her but i couldnt help that!! Q: Do you like all animals? A: Yes all opf them the ones who are dark specled starry plain normal or unique! Q:Have you ever thought of planning anything against her? A: No it would be a waste of my time when i could be helping all of the animals or the people of meridell. Q: What do you think of the iotems that she gives out for her quest prizes? A: I truly dont think they are the best prizes poisonious stuff for helping her im surprized anyone helps her. Plenty of people have come to me with there sick neopets because they were curious about what would her prizes do top them!!I think she should reconsider her prizes but its just me. Q: do you sometimes wish you were feared like Jhudora? A: No being feared I think gives you no more power I want to be liked not feared how do you get to be like then???So i guess no. Q: do you think you two will ever get along? A: Im willing to any second of the day i mean i would like my sister back but i dont think it will ever happen shes kind of acting childish!! Q: Have you ever thought about joining the dark side? A: No I think good has more power than evil.Plus you have to be filled with hatered to be evil and I quess im just not cut out to be evil! Q: Whats some of your favorite things? A: The color green, Meridell, all animals , earth , I love shopping, helping others , baking, talking with all people who are nice, giving out quests, giving out prizes, just having fun i guess ! Q: who gave you your name? A:My father Q: do you like your name? A: yes i actually adore it!! I figured I had enough and decided to leave she sent me off with a small pack of her cookies i thanked her and we said good bye . Even after my awesome experiance I still dont know whos side im on Whos side are you on? not sure well i hoped who ever reads this enjoys it as much as i enjoyed doing it!! The two are great faeries in there own way.But think about this evil nice good whatever you are you can always be frioends witrh who ever dont let anything get in the way of friendship or family.Thanks for reading this a simple reporter signing off! Your fellow neopian--Queen_Pirate013