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My Moab Pictures

Welcome to my page of Extreme 4x4's. This is not 4wheeling on ATVs, its an experience all its own. The 4 wheeling you will view on this page is rough and costly. My friends and I have taken a standard Jeep Cherokee and have added gears, lockers, lifts, tires, axles, and some minor body work in order to make our Jeeps crawl up these trecherous hills of rock. Based on the price quote from the dealer, I determined that I could do more for less. I priced lockers, axles and gears - got the best price .. realized I could do the work myself...and it was still less than what the dealer would have charged to do just my Trac-Lok. The plan was put in place. I would install a Superior "Super 35" kit with the Detroit NoSPIN locker in the rear, Superior Ring and Pinion gearing to 4.56's Detroit TrueTrac up front while I was in there... At the same time that this was going on, one of my friends was installing ARB's front and rear, and another friend was installing a Currie/Ford 9" rear with the same Detroit NoSPIN. Both did Slip-Yoke eliminator kits and 4.11 gears.That should give you a little bit of what we can do within a few hours of work.. Almost EVERY time we go to Moab we break an axle or bust a driveline..We usually run 38 inch Super Swamper Tires.

The yellow Jeep belongs to me.. Not only will you see pictures here of my jeep, but some of my brother and our friends.
I also own a Jeep Scrambler that I will soon be adding pictures of.
Some pictures on here are our camp sites.. Us getting our Jeeps ready to hit the trails..
We usually take a trail a day.. Making sure we have the food and water to last all day. When running your jeep up the Slick Red Rock, you want no more then 5lbs of air pressure.Allowing your tires to grip the rock and keep your jeep steady on the trails. Check out my links.. If you have questions or would like to know more.. Feel free to contact me! Have a nice day! Happy 4 Wheeling! : )
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My Favorite Web Sites

Jeeps on the Main St. of Moab
Getting ready for Jeep Safari - Spring Break - 2002
Going up Hells Revenge - Jeep Safari - 2002
Taking a break from the trail
Going through water on Kane Creek Trail
Even kids enjoy the ride.
Needing a spotter
My 2 babies
Now its my brothers turn
Spotter stops the roll
My red jeep
Driving down rock stairs
My buddy in a rock made hot tub
Beginning of Kane Creek Trail
Even Samauri's try
Enjoying the view at the top of Moabs Rim Trail
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My Favorite Moab Trails

  • Hells Revenge - 4+ rating
  • Pritchett Canyon - 4+ rating
  • Colden Pike / Poison Spider Mesa - 4+ rating
  • Cliff Hanger - 4+ rating
  • Kane Creek - 3.5 rating
  • Hole In The Rock - 3+ rating
  • Behind The Rocks - 4+ rating
  • Metal Masher - 4+ rating