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Dream Wolf Animations

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Name: Becca
age: 13
hobbies: drawing
likes: Animals with Big teeth :K
dislikes:Many things :P


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Gr.7 Memories

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Hey Lol this is my site lol it ain't much yet though cuz like its just been recently made so ya...


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Lol Ya we got alot like updated since like last week I now have Piczo layouts, Music and soon to come icons but I havent started any lol lookin for music ya I know alot of you probably think k wat is this song its retarded and so on but I like it even though I dont understand it lol :P:P ya I like music even if I dont understand it:D so ya if there is anything your want to suggest or like have and opiion or sumthin doesn't work
email me!!!

last updated: November.29.2005