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Welcome to the ALS homepage.Andrea,Leanna,Stephany thats what ALS stands for.We have about 80 books not counting the regular books.We have the best manga and animae books.We also rent cds and more (read list below).Were a small busnsiness but with a lot of clients.

All of our prices are cheap.Prices star from 10cents to 10 dollars.If you go over 10 dollars you get discounts.We also sell gift certificates or you can earn one.We do follow a specified contract(read contract bellow).If you damage or loose a book we do charge.

By signing contract and becoming part of ALS you get monthly newsletters about progress and new books,goals(what books we wan to get)

ALS is located and only locted in Tracy,California

By signing this contract you are agreeing to ALS terms of use.Damages are prohobited as well as losing the book.Charges on damages depend on how badly it is.For lost books we charge on how much the book costs

_____________________ _________________ Signature , Date ___________________ __________________ Phone , ALS Signature We also do charge if a one of our cds come back scratch or if it does not come back $1.00 per scratch $10.00 lost cd If you do lose a book or cd etc.You will be given a date to pay back.After you pay back contract will be terminate you can restar you r contract again after a month if you wish.You only get three times to restart contract after three times you will no be able to rent books etc. Only buy. Monthly you will recive news letters on our progress,new books, etc.

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