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This is my website and it's all about me the Birdman. Im a baller in basketball and everyone knos it. I stroke the three and i will dunk it on u in a heartbeat. Looking for a girlfriend so email me at if u think u r up to the task. Remember to send a pic and some info about ur sweet beautiful self. The pic above is a horrible pic if u apply for the job ill send a good pic. I love basketball, i breath and bleed basketball. I'll probably die playing basketball. Anyone thats good at basketball has a lot of talent. But i have something they don't have, Dedication. I believe if you work hard enough and never get down then you will eventually get better.

My Band Death By War

Birdman's Page

My Girls

The song on this page is called -Human by Metallica on thier S and M album and u should defiantly buy it.