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"Homemade Fire Pits"


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All you need is any old washing machine from the junk heap and some pipe.

These are simple to construct, yet quite functional. 

You can use them in the backyard or at tailgate parties (not in the back of your

truck).  They replace the chimnia as well as popular camping company

outdoor fireplaces.     If properly constructed they are generally safe and

will not damage the surface underneath where they are sitting.



You will need the following tools:

1. Drill with  Bit.

2. Screwdriver.

3. "Mini" Sledge Hammer or A vise (vise works better).

4. Sight and Hearing protection.

5. Hacksaw.

you will need the following supplies:

1. Old tub from either a top loading or front loading washing machine.  Use only a washing machine tub because the porcelain coated or stainless steel will stand up to being heated and re-heated without rusting out.  (the speckled finish in most washing machine tubs is porcelain.  If the washing machine tub shines then it's stainless steel.  This is the main ingredient and is hardest to find.

2. Thin walled metal pipe. 

3. Spray paint - any color.

4. Machine Screws small enough to go through the holes in your tub.

5. Nuts for your bolts.


Step one:

Cut your pipe in three equal lengths.

I used the type of pipe used for chain link fence posts.  It has thin walls and is easy to cut with.  The thin walls will be important during the next step.  Any similar pipe will do. 

Step two:

Flatten one end of your pipe for from the tip to about 5 or 6 inches down.

Step three:

Hold the flat ends of your pipe against the tub (outside) and spray paint through the holes in the tub from the inside.  You  trying to make marks so you know where to drill your holes through the flat portion of the legs.  By completing this step you ensure the bolts in the legs line up exactly with the existing holes in your tub.  You may be thinking "why not drill more holes in the tub".  Drilling holes in the tub will cause it to rust where you break the porcelain.  With a stainless tub this isn't a problem, but this produces a cleaner more Prof product.

Step Four:

 Drill about three holes per leg for the bolts to go through.

Step Five:

Bolt your legs to your pit.

Step six:

Drink beverage, sit around fire.



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