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The free pizza trick

Idea courtesy of Kevin Rose

The wussy way to do things:
Go to pizza joint. Order. Pay like girlie-girl. Eat tainted payed-for pizza.

The EXTREME way to do things:
Go to pizza joint. Stand in line kinda next to, kinda behind a customer. Your objective is to seem like you're with the customer to the cashier, but not tip off the customer. When your "buddy" orders, make sure to remember what he ordered and his name (if he gives it) and *IMPORTANT* it MUST be carry out (if not, you could be's your call if you want to try another person or you could try another pizza place. could pull a fast one and ask the cashier some question about the pizza such as "Do you have anchovies?" or "Can I get more than 2 toppings with this deal?". It's a good idea to have one of these ready before you try this.) After the customer orders, walk away behind him and be on your way to where ever you want to wait. After a bit of time (about an hour) call the pizza place. Act friendly and ask for the manager as soon as someone answers the phone. When you get the manager on the phone, mention the name the pizza was ordered with and what pizza(s) they ordered. Then tell the manager that something was wrong with the pizza (ex: The pizza was cold. The ham was hard). Make sure to be friendly. This will ensure you free pizza. Tell the manager that you were concerned that someone else might be getting the faulty pizza and you just wanted to let him know. Then ask if you might be able to get the bad pizza recompensated. He's sure to say yes. If he asks you to bring the pizza back with you, tell him you threw it away. Keep being nice. After you get him to give you free pizza, just go to the pizza place and pick it up. Voila.