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5BG47- "The Definition of pwn"

"Confidence is key" -Whoever
"Trust in God, all others must pay cash" -That one fortune cookie?

5173 Map

Tricks of the Trade
What we've pulled off

Q: What is 5BG47?
A: 5BG47, or for you 1113373R473 people out there, SBGAT (or simply SB Gat), is a 1337
(that's elite) organization of social engineers with t3h m4d h4x0rz sk33lz...

Q: What is social engineering?

1. social engineering

1. The use of communication skills and quick wits in order to turn a scenario into a favorable situation

2. A practice used by crackers and black hats in order to gain sensitive information needed in order to compromise security by using techniques such as eavesdropping on conversations or posing as tech support

1. You are at a fancy restaurant and have just finished eating. The waiter comes to take your plate, but as he picks it up, you use slight of hand and manuevering to make it appear as if the waiter has dropped the plate (and the food residue on it) all over your shirt. You complain angrily, call for the manager, et al. The manager winds up giving you the meal for free.

2. You, as a black hat, walk up to a smoke break outside of a company who you want to steal credit card numbers for. Employees are whining about their randomized passwords. You memorize one
of them, and then go off with that information in order to gain access into the company

Q: What does 5BG47 stand for?
A: If we told you, we'd have to kill you...