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The Email Trick

You see this one used quite a bit nowadays. Paypal users get emails asking for their passwords and personal information. Let me tell you, NO ONE WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD UNLESS THEIR SCAMMING YOU! But of course, you can use this human stupidity to your advantage.

If you know anyone that may work somewhere with useful information that has access to it, but you can't get into the system without a password, you can always use this tidbit of social engineering. Send an official looking email to this person asking for their password/personal information. Make sure they can't trace it, just incase they're not as stupid as you're hoping. This could get you into big trouble. Get the company logo and do yourself a bit of html programming. Make the email look like there's no chance that anyone could be up to something. That's the trick to making this work. If your victim is as stupid as you've claimed them to be, you'll soon receive an email with their password, so get cracking.

One I made for fun:

Dear AOL Customer,
As of recently, a number of our servers have been shut down due to user overload. We are sorry to inform you that your member information was lost due to this problem. To continue your service, we require that you reply to this email with your current user name and password, along with the name used to sign up for the service.

Thank you,

John F. Addams, President

5BG47, in no way, promotes this type of illegal behavior...we swear...and ask our readers to use this as a tool against this sort of thing.