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Saturday, 20 December 2003
Hey it's my first website that i've actually finished haha!!!if you want to FIX it for me ur MORE than WELCOME to HINT HINT DEVIN hehe anyway for the people i forgot i still love ya like Erin,Jesse,Alyssa,Katrina,Kayla and many many more i'll add stuff l8ter I LOVE MY FRIENDS HERE'S JUST A FEW OF EM!! Dani*Girl~~We've had way to many good times our way best had to of been camping thou ey? our boys TNPRJ..Man i don't think we should fall down stairs no more do u???Beaumont parties we'll probably fall down more stairs anyway!!MISS YA SO MUCH!!101 never forget!!look away look away..slap slap**literally ***** are awsome haha..remember it's UNZIE'S undies ey????no it's just UNDIES haha..OUR LETTERS over the rainbow into the pot of gold... haha common people figure it out it's super EASY like ummm here's a hint.. think outta the box it's on american pie 1.. Alecia~~Hey we've only been friends for a year but it's been awsome just loook out for BOOB ey?and cody it doens't help when u pin her down and help...V-Day plans bring ur hottie!!BUFFY MARATHON anybody wanna join us it'll be a sleepove only rulez gotta luv BUFFY Kyle~~HEY JUST CUZ WERE NOT DATTING DOESNT MEAN WE CANT TALK EY!!it was fun.. and funny u gotta admit I mean common not everybody gets to see me and dani fall down stairs..(well they do but)and eventhough u hate sum of my friends u know u had a great time with them!!No more with u and cody in a bedroom!!haha..Were gonna do stuff anyway next year right...Movies,Swimming..Couch..haha Devin~~5 Hours holly crap don't worry my mom is gonna tease me to!!We've had awsome times..(#)(R)(})Never forget it!!!!POWERRANGERS all the way ey!! then the milkshake song..hehe wow great times with us**friendsd till i was the cupcake!! Michelle~~Taylor....I luv ya girl I'm gonna miss ya 5 times way to much always call me k!!Spice girls forever and cat come and come cat..haha..U and me next year all the time..2 Cute twin gr.9's WOW awsome!!haha ur gonna be like justin...hehe thats hillarious..poor jordan and josh they cant controle u when ur hyper!! dont forget the lip thing i taught u when ur hyper!! and the truth and dare game sure...took a WRONG TURN!!!!!!! oh never look at ya the same!! Geoff~~ur a cowboy big congrats now let's see ya on that bronko LOL..ya and how long till i'm the girl in the pic..oh ya right i already am JKJK keep dreamin...actually... LOL..prized bitch..i feel so special..haha definitly funny times with u too!! try not to come up with any more Cody~~Mooning us girls ey...U loved it...Nice ass!!!haha..never late for a lil.JK ur awsome phone me next year K we'll go see a movie!! Unzie~~Love ya girl..ur my artist i'll always phone u for my dances....Next year both of us in high school oh ya... Kellie~~sorry I forgot ya gurl...hope this makes it better..let's have a sleepover but I agree no pics..v-dayz commin up we'll get our guyz regular gifts ey!!! let's go together!!shopping haven't done that in a while ey it was suppose to be a monthly thing...OH WELL EY!!!! Harley~~ get those pics developped yet?? don't show ur friends that not the first thing i want them to see of me although they might give Lexi and I a bit more attention that way ey??Hope we do sumthin fun SOON next time Lexi and I will stay at Gerry's a bit longer to actually do sumthin how's that.. Mike~~ way to break a window smooth..2 hours nice..1 in the morning..haha i fell asleep...SHOPPING!!lol anyway keep callin me i have u??????? And try not to ignore me all the time!!and its a note with ur hand not computer!!**cyaz** Jesse~~wow soooo sorry I forgot yeah...I mean after all the all nighters on the phone and the like wut it seemed to be 3000 hours on the phone with yeah..i'm soo sorry..I remember band camp with you and gr.6 but after that we kinda lost our friendship but.. to think of it our whole little group kinda died ey...wut a shame it was an awesome group..i'll never forget when u were over at my place and my puppy (babe)tried to bite off ur nose...LOL that was hillarious..i still have the video..of u eating pudding..hope we become better friends in the years to come!!luv yeah lots By the way guys if i forgot ya i still love ya as much... and if i wrote sumthin u want off here let me know and if ya want me to add sumthin anythin i will!!!!! LOve ya all PLEEZ GO TO VIEW PROFILE THERE'S STUFF ON THERE THAT I WANT YOU GUYS TO SEE XOXO LOVE YA **~~ANGE~~**

Posted by extreme4/you69_always at 6:14 PM
Updated: Thursday, 11 March 2004 6:45 PM
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Hey guys
Hi!!! wut's new hope u love my website if u wanna fix it for me ur MORE than WELCOME to...HINT HINT DEVIN...take a look at my profile it has alot of my friends in it but i most definitly missed some of the best ones...Erin,Jesse,Alyssa,Kayla and lots lots more and u know who you are!!!!BIG HUGZ TO U ALL!!!!!and let's definitly do stuff next year...everyone call me 986-4501...and i probably gave my # to strangers but it's ok only phone me if i know u PLEEZ...

Posted by extreme4/you69_always at 5:43 PM
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