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Okay I need to know what sort of stuff you want listed on your pages, what do you want to  say about your barn? Do you have barn pictures? Field photos?  I can find some if you want them?  I have purposely kept this mainly simple.  I used a wave theme behind the letters to give it some depth.  Currently the only links that work are the Thoroughbred and Miniature horse ones.  The rest of the pages will be put on this same basic background and here is how I thought it might be.  The About Us page will include the basic stats of the barn such as number of horses, staff members, colors, silks, owners, etc. The Barns I can add a detailed stall plan (will take a little longer as I have to draw it) or I can just add photos and descriptions of the barns and then stall designations for the horses.  Sales would be for both mini's and TB's as it's easier for people only have to look in one spot.  I can add other links as you request them I just added the basics the rest are on the Mini and TB pages.