Most of these probably wont make any sense, but they ryhme so what the hell.


What if this time I lose
I just might forget to stop
But if I gain what I chose
Then maybe I'll be on top
If it comes down to this again
I'll remember just to keep a smile
If I'd only remember why it happend then
I'd force myself to go that extra mile

But if I gain what I chose
Then I know I wont lose
And then I'll never stop
Because I'll be the one on top

I've learned that life's not just a game
Just a thin line between pleasure and pain


Every nightmare coming to life
All the memories coming in strife
Only if the pain would go away
Maybe I'll be healed again one day

Everything I thought I knew
All is worng because of a shrew
Everything I've ever learned
All came back all overturned

Always taking what I love most
You keep returning as a ghost
When I least expect you to come again
You sweap it away while I'm around them


When there's no pain
There's no gain
When it comes down to it
It's just all the same


Strife thoughts brought from those memories
Tantalizing dreams seems like they're stories

Provoking pain from the dreams that've been delt
Infuriating rage from the pain that I've felt

Suffocating dreams 'cause it's all the same
Invoking scarceness memories of her name


It's a two day wait
For the one minute of fate
To decide where I go
To some place I do not know
and in those two days
The pain will grow in many ways

I wont hear from you
I might shead a tear or two
My heart drops
When all the movement stops

Though I tried
I think I failed
Just one night
All I wanted
To be perfect

Though I remember
Those candles burning
My heart was left turning
Couldn't move
Couldn't beathe


All of this hate
All I can take

Now that we're here
Let's get it on
No more shit going on
Let's just take this out on our own


I'll disappear
I'll depart
It'll be like I was never here

I want to stay
Believe me I do
But I have to go away
Even though I want to be with you

I'll subside
I'll vanish
Off to a place I can hide

You want me around
I'd love to be there for you
But I'm off to a place I can't be found
I just don't know what to do

Your love for him to you is true
I've only caused problems
And there is nothing that I can do
But if you want me to

I'll disappear
I'll depart
It'll be like I was never here

I want to take away all your pain
Put a smile on your pretty face
Give you some karma to gain


I don't know what to feel
What is this, pain?
I don't know if this is real
What is this, shame?

Why do I stay
I might have a chance
Why wont I go away
Staying for another dance

Wish I could steal her
But it's not my choice
Wish I could heal her
It'd only be temporairy


Copyright © 2003
Jason Lee Miller
All rights reserved.