There are a fuckload of bands out there, but the one band that stands out to me most is Metallica! They own everyone and everything, what else is there to say? I honestly think they should rename the United States of America, to the United States of Metallica. And if they where to start an army, they would totally domonate. Atleast this is what I think, lol.

Some of the other bands I like are as listed.

Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, Disturbed, Godsmack, Mudvayne, Nickelback, POD, Saliva, Seether, Simple Plan, Social Burn, Staind, Sum 41, Blink 182, Taproot, Three Doors Down, A New Found Glory, Adema, Papa Roach, Twelve Stones, Finger Eleven, Audiovent, Trapt, Silverchair, Deftones, Matchbox 20, Bush, Deicide, Foo Fighters, Sugarcult, Eminem, Nirvana, and Cherry Poppin' Daddys.

There's a good chance that I missed some, I'll try to remember them later.








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