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Quote Of The Week:

Will be updated as soon as we get some stuff going in here. Keep the RPs coming to be Quote of the Week!

WWE - Soon to be #1!

Welcome To WWE.
Welcome to the WWE Mail fed site. This is basically here to keep y'all updated without a million and ten mails sent to everyone each week. The cards will be put up here every week. As will the results. Don't expect either to be as colorfull as they are in email. There won't be a Top 5 until we get things going. And Quote of the Week will be put up sooner than later.

From the Desk of Vince Russo
- Stephanie McMahon has been hired as the General Manager of Friday Night Fury.

- Nice RPing guys, but pick it up. We have a a nice card. You signed up to roleplay so please, do what you signed up to do before the staff puts a weekly minimum amount of RPs.

From the Desk of Stephanie McMahon
- Friday Night Fury will be coming to the WWE starting next week. The card will be put out Monday night after RAW Results along with deadline, etc.

- If your interested in being a results writer, please get in touch with me.

- This site isn't fully functional right now, but I'll have it up and running ASAP. I'll be collecting roster info in the next few days. Sorry for any inconvience.

Current Mailing List
KJMONK8, G Rell06, Deez12131, Jnyboytoy, JayHawk374, Maaaddenman, Cbysfrmhell, ShadyS10420, SuMeRdAzE01, KaosKLown187, NostalgicPrincez, StratusFYING4EvA, Gcpunkrocker5353, Slimshady1476696, USMarinesRULESUS, TheLittleTarheel, XtremeManna, Nappyroots29

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