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First off this is strictly writing...lots of writing.... If you read this (latest updates on the bottom of the page, mostly Raw updates mabye Smackdown sometimes.) (very) long paragrpah you'll learn some interesting stuff about your favortie WWE superstars.Our first wrestler up is Edge. The long hair, the long legs, the white teeth this guy's got the looks (for DAM sure!) Their is nothing wrong about this guy! His real name is actually Adam Joseph Copeland and he made his debut in the wwe in 1998. He's currently 30 years old. He's got lovely green eyes. His hair coulor actually is brown but he dyes it blonde. He was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario (which means he's Canadian duh) He' married to he's sweetheart Alanah...:(.He currently lives in Florida, with no children. He owns 2 poodles and his hobbies include: Playing the guitar, drawing and going to rock concerts. The sunglasses he wears to the ring are called: Black Flys and the company supplys him with lots and lots of them. When he was in school he hated math (just like me! were meant 2 be together) but loved art and english. He was also very good in biology and this IS NOT TRUE (in my eyes) the girls at his school called him a geek! :( He has 1 tatto on his upper shoulder. He calls his fans his army (I'll be the general *wink wink* lol) and has become quite a hearthrobe in the WWE (true.. very true. His favorite sports (besides wrestling) are football and hockey. Edge's b-day is Oct 30 (scorpio). Nicknames are Edge (no duh), sexton hardcastle and Adam impact. In conclusion Edge is my Canadian boy and I love him (lol). Chris Beniot (the hottest thing I've ever seen in jeans). He is married to his wife Nancy and that's really all the personal info I know.... Now it's Cena time lol. Okay John Cena is not married (yes!). Next up is: Kane. His real name is Glen Jacobs. He was born in Madrid ,Spain. Now lives in Tenesse. His favorite sport is football. He likes paintballing. Now onto some other quick facts.Everyone works and is on the road 250 days a year (yikes!). Some wrestlers make 1.5 million dollars, while some make 75,000. Okay now to Rob Van Dam (who is my favorite wrestler). Rob apperaed on the X-Files in 2000 his charecters name was Robert Larramie.. Rob is married (Sonya) and they both are very much alike. His wife leg got crippled in a Jet Ski accident a year after the marriage (Rob walked away with no injuries) Rob had no insurance so Palul Haymen paid for most of the medical bills (that was sweet). Rob and his wife are incredibly close. His real name is Robert Szatkowsky. He has a pet Chihuahua named Xena. He is the youngest of 3 children. Now for Mattitude. Matt Hardy real life girlfriend is Lita. He has had 3 concussions. The UNDERTAKER is next up: The undertakers real name is Mark Calloway. His wife's name is Sarah, which is tattoed on his neck (awwww). He has an 8 month old Baby daughter. He's 41 years old. Next up is Booker T: Booker has his own store called "Jam Zone". The only SMACKDOWN wrestler that he really likes is RVD. He has a girlfriend.Now it's REY MYSTERIO! Rey is married with 1 son and 1 daughter. His real name is Oscar Guttierrez. He has 11 tattos. He very rarely takes his mask off. Y2J time! (holy crap I'm such an ass sometimes lol) He's married to Jessica Lockhart, they tied the knot July 30 2000. His real name is Chris Irvine. He wants to have his own talkshow someday. His nicknames include : King of Bling Bling and Assclown. He likes Talkshows, snow and canadian butter tarts. He's hot. On September 24,2003 he became a dad, Him and Jessica had a baby boy: Asher Edward Irvine. Now it's Eddie Time ("Can't touch this"starts playing). His real name is Eduardo Guerrero. Viva la raza means long live the race. His brother is Chavo Gurrero. Now it's Kurt Angle's turn! Kurt's favotite food is Ostrich meat (?). His wife's name is Karen (Karen and Kurt, sounds nice together) and they have an 8 month old daughter Kyra. Some Diva facts: Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman are married. Jazz and Rodney Mack are married. The only divas that have not had boob jobs are: Molly Holly, Gail Kim and Stacey Keibler. Triple H hour/ 60 seconds! Triple H is 34 years old. He is a natural Blonde. He is married to Stepahnie Machmon in real life. He has an older sister Lynn. At his wedding his best man was his dad (awwwww) and his groomsman were: Kevin Nash, Shawn Micheals and Mark Calloway. He has no tattos and never drinks. His real name is Paul. Last but not least: Stone Cold Steve Austin. He has 2 daughters. Has 2 ex wives and is now single. He used to sleep in cars and wresltle fpr $40.00 per match now is a multi Millionaire. Interesiing facts: Lance Storm is no longer with the WWE. Goldberg is a huge hockey fan. Rob Van Dam loves comic books and has even opened his own comic book store which is a huge succeses. Ric Flair once conisidered funning for the governor of North Carolina. Matt Hardy has broken his noses 3 times. Triple H and his wife Stephainie were on live with regis and kelly. Goldberg has apperead on Punk'd. Randy Orton loves Chinese food and his favorite Colonge is Obsession. Hardcore Holly is a liscened nascar driver. I'm sad that shawn micheals, edge and triple H are married, but also very happy for them at the same time. Andre the Giant once drank 107 beers in 1 sitting (Hulk Hogan was their to see it). Ric Flair has 22 glitter robes and the women who made them (Olivia Walker) passed away 3 years ago. Big shows real name is Paul Wight. Triuh Stratus never wants to do Playboy (you go gurl!), she's been asked but said "If you have seen one naked blond, you have seen them all." (LMAO!!). Paul Haymen comes up with most of the storylines. Stone Cold use to be a big coffee drinker until he had a panic attack before an event...saying he almost blew his heart that was when he became a beer drinker. Trish Stratus wanted to be a doctor. Mic Foley's daughters name is Noelle (pretty name). Stacey Keibler was a Cheerleader fot the Baltimore Ravens. Christian has his own yahct which he names "Deep Blue Peep". Jerry Lawler's favorite movie is "Gone with the wind". Steve Austin wears a $40,000 Rolex watch (HOLY CRAP!!!). Eddie Gurrero was an alcholic. Edge always wears the same socks when he wresltes. Ivory is 41 years old. Christian and Edge knew each other in elemantary school and are best friends. Chris Jericho and The Rock are only children. Triple H plans to retire in 4 years. Goldberg gave Triple H a crotch injury.Stuff I noticed in the WWE: Chris Beniot has gorgreous eyes. Sable has old looking hands. Edge is hot. Shawn Micheals is hot. LOL! Now thier has only evr been 12 hell in a cell matches in WWE history. Which one was your favorite? Please email me at 1st Hell in a Cell: Shawn Michelas vs The Undertaker - Badd Blood (October 5, 1997) winner: Shawn Michelas. This match made the debut of Kane. Shawn Michelas was bleeding the crimson mask while being led out of the ring by his best friend Triple H and HHH's gf Chyna. The second H in a C match up was Steve Austin & Undertaker vs Mankind (aka Mic Foley) & Kane took place on RAW (June 15, 1998) the match ended in a NO CONTEST. The 3rd Hell in a Cell was probably the most memeorable: The Undertaker vs Mankind - King of the Ring (June 28, 1998) Mankind (Mic Foley) was led out of the ring onto a stretcher after being tossed off the top of the cell. He came back (smart move, note the sacrasim) only to be chokeslammed down onto the ring from the top of the cage, Winner: The Undertaker. H in a C #4 was Mankind vs Kane - RAW (August 24, 1998) went to a NO CONTEST. The least memorable match that took place in Hell in a Cell was Big Bossman vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 15 (March 28, 1999) no one really talks about this match much.... The next match (Hell in a Cell #6) was Al Snow vs Big Bossman at Unforgiven (September 26, 1999) There was a regular steel cage attached to the ring, and a Cell placed outside the ring.. Between the cages were a pack of 'rabid' dogs ready to tear a wrestler apart.. Except the dogs (who were each leashed to a Trainer) didn't really want to co-operate, in fact, they were more interested in taking a dump outside the ring (lol), anyhow Al Snow was the winner(no one really consiered it a H in a C match because it SUCKED ASS! but everyone knows it was). Hell in a Cell #7 was Mic Foley vs Triple H, No Way Out (Febuaruy 27, 2000).This match up was one of Mic Foley's last. If Mic Foley won he would of kept his career, but unfourtunaley: winner: Triple H ): Hell in a Cell #8 was quite an event Triple H, Steve Austin, The Undertaker,Rikishi,The Rock and Kurt Angle all competed at Armageddon (December 10, 2000) for Kurt's championship. Kurt Angle beat the odds and came out the winner. winner: Kurt Angle. At Judgement Day (May 21, 2000) was the ninth H in a C match. Triple H vs Chris Jericho. Winner: Triple H. The 10th Hell in a Cell match was at No Mercy (October 20, 2002) Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. It wasn't the best hell in a cell match but it was quite entertaning. Winner: Brock Lesnar. Hell in a Cell #11 was former best friends Triple H vs Kevin Nash with Special guest ref Mic Foley at Bad Blood (June 15, 2003). No one really liked this one because Randy Orton and Ric Flair helped out Triple H and HHH used a Sledgehammer if those thing would of not happened the match would of been pretty good. He got his worthless world heavyweight chamiponship back (whick he WOULDN'T of won if Evolution didn't help him. winner: Triple H. Everyone knows the most recent H in a C : Triple H vs Shawn Micheals at Bad Blood (June 13, 2004) This match probably has been the best match since recent (no evolution or sledggie involved) Triple H performed 3 pedigrees to get Shawn Micheals down for the 1 2 3. winner: Triple H. The Undertaker has competed in most of the Hell in a Cell matches: 6, with Triple H a close 2nd: 5. Now you probably know the WWE superstars names (duh) but do you know their real names? Here are some of the real names of your favorite WWE superstars: Ring name: Batista,Real Name: Dave Basitsa. Ring name: Christian, Real name: Jason Reso. Ring name: Lita, Real name: Amy Dumas. Ring Name: Molly Holly, Real Name: Nora Greenwald. Ring Name: Ric Flair, Real Name: Richard Morgan Fleihr. Ring name: Shawn Michelas, Real name: Micheal Hickenbottom (yikes) . Ring name: Stone Cold, Real name: Steve Williams. Ring name: Billy Gunn, Real Name: Monty Sopt (yikes again). Ring name: Booker T, Real name: Robert T. Huffman. Ring name: Sable, Real name: Rena Mero. The follwing Superstarts Ring names are their real names: Chris Beniot, Eric Bishoff, Gail Kim, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, Rob Conway, Shelton Benjamin, Stacey Keibler, Eddie Gurrero, John Cena, Kurt Angle (just to name a few). Now every time Matt Hardy comes out to the ring you probably read some Matt Hardy facts that appear on the side of the screen, so here are some facts that I thought were pretty funny: Matt Hardy always gets more candy then his brother, Matt's bedtime is 4 am, Matt scored 1330 on the SAT's, Matt keeps the room tempurature at a toasty 75 degrees, Matt's IQ is 139, Matt belives that Thanksgiving is a boring holiday, Matt is his fathers favorite child (lol), Matt has been to Plymouth rock, Matt is a great juggler, Matt was always on the honour roll, Matt knows how to solve a Rubik's cube, Matt has a heated toilet seat, Matt sleeps in the nude (oh baby! lol), Matt has more teeth then Beniot (LMAO!!!), Matt lost his virginity at age 17, Matt's beard is better then Beniots (gonna have to disagree wit u on that 1), Matt tans only wearing a sock (wtf 1 sock?), Matt is a better commentator then Micheal Cole, Matt is more handsome then Christian (srry not true, but MH is still good looking). The following have been the world heavyweight champion (at 1 time or another): The Rock, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Goldberg and Chris Beniot. Some other facts: Chris got his name "Jericho" from the Biblical story and his move "The Walls of Jericho" from a Helloween album.Chris Jericho was recommended to ECW by Mick Foley.Jericho was named Manitoba's Sexiest Man. Shawn Micheals is left handed. Some funny quotes from the mouth of HBK: 1.I've got two words for the Hitman Bret Hart...Suck it! 2.God, you could put an eye out with that thing! - in refernce to Hunter saying he's bigger than Bret Hart. lol. get your blinkie blocks from! get your blinkie blocks from! get your blinkie blocks from! By the way if you see like cute images that have nothing to do with the WWE at all, I just couldn't resiste putting it on the page! You know what happened... I was on the computer and I was looking at this pic of HBK that I was about to print out.. OMG it was REALLY HOT! It was from the Playgirl editon he did where he was all wet and his eyes were closed and all he had on was a towel. Then my mom came in then she's like "what are you doing?" then I'm like "NOTHING!" but the X button didn't work then she's like "OHHHH who's he?" and I'm like "A wrestler.." then she left the room. Kinda emarissing huh? Alright then here is some more stuff: If you seen SMACKDOWN July 8, 2004 you probably know that El Gran Luchadore and JBL had a match (the whole Eddie switching places thing?) well you probably didn't know that El Gran Lucahadore was actually Shannon Moore. Here are some ages of ppl in the WWE (in the year 2004): Vince McMahon: 59, Chris Jericho: 33, Big Show: 32, The Rock: 32, Edge: 31, Christian: 30, Chris Beniot: 37, Spike Dudley: 35 (I weigh as much as him!!!). Some other cool info: Chris Jericho has a degree in jounalism, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Grand Master Sexay are Father and Son (that blew me away). EDGE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Okay I have some sad news so brace yourself's...... EDGE GOT DIVORCED!!! Omg! It's so sad! He and Alannah Morley are no more. I read that in an interview. So Val Venis must be upset (Alannah is his sister), but Edge said that now he's in a new relationship (i wonder with who?). They were married for 4 years! Everyone knows when Kane did that thing with the chair to Shawn Michelas throat, so when I saw that little video clip on Raw (August 16, 2004) Then it said "HBK is back." I'm like "WHAT!!!! OH YEAH BABY!". Then JR said that he would be at Unforgiven.... Why am I not to happy about that? BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE UNFORGIVEN!!!!! I can't go to the movies to see it and I'm no where near where it's being broadcast! So HBK IS BACK, but I won't see him in his return..:(. How many people are soooooo totally shocked about wat happened to Randy Orton? I sure was! First off I was cheering 4 Chris Beniot all the way and I never thought RKO would win, but he did it alone, with no help from Evolution! So in that case I was pretty proud of Randy. Triple H...... tisk tisk.... what can I say. Hate em or Love em you got to admit Evoution is the group that ppl love to hate. Their just such bad asses, they were the ultimate group (C'mon you got to admit). They had Ric Flair, the nature boy! The dirtiest player in the game! They had Batista, the animal of Evolution! They had Triple H, the ceriberal assain, the game! Then they HAD Randy Orton, the legened killer, 3rd genertain superstar. I thought that Triple H might be angry at him (with his whole WHC thing) but when he told Randy that Evolution is his solution, I thought that mabye he was happy that one of evolution had the title. So when RKO won the match he had against The Rabid Wolverine for the World Heavyweight title and Evolution came to celebrate, I was kind of relived that Randy was ok. It was all going good: Randy was about to cry and he was giving hugs to Ric, Hunter and Batista, you could see him say "I love you man" and he was shaking Hunter's hand and thanking him. Batista lifted Randy on his shoulders and showed him to each side of the crowd, then he whirled around and made Randy face Triple H, he gave Randy a thumbs up sign but to Randy's horror it slowly became a thumbs down. Batsita dropped Randy on his back and the 3 evoluotion members brutally beat up the 24 year old chamipion. I don't think anyone saw this coming.

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