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:::Foreword::: WOW is in full swing and they are signing all kinds of talent. And the number one bright spot in their signing is Ron ďThe TruthĒ Killings. This Monday night Raw Ron Killings has the opportunity to go up for the Television Title in a huge match. Ron has been seen around the gyms of the city getting into unbelievable shape to take on this challenge.

:::Scene::: The scene opens with Ron Killing coming out of the front office with a huge smile on his face, he obviously was just told about his Raw match. He walks around the backstage area when a reporter stops him and asks for an interview. Of coarse he is always willing to speak his mind.

:::Reporter::: OK Ron Killings you were a huge star in the TNA and kind of a flop in the WWE. Now you are here in the WOW and you have been given the opportunity to hold the Television title. Do you think that you can dominate like you did in TNA.. or will you flop like WWE?

:::Ron Killings::: Listen here boy what happened in the WWE is not me being a flop it was them no realizing what a talent they had in me! The fact is Vince McMahon could have had one of the most incredible black athletes to have ever graced a wrestling ring, but he screwed up! Now Vince McMahon and Ric Flair have another chance they have the chance to take this talent and actually give me some credit to do something. And you know how I can prove that the WWE missed out? Cause I am going to take their golden boy, Brock Lesnar and I am going to destroy that piece of crap!

:::Reporter::: Ron you have to be joking. You are a great athlete, but you canít go into the match looking to pick a fight with the man you will be killed by. Brock Lesnar will tear you apart. You are quick and talented Ron, but the fact is Brock is a monster and your best bet is to hope a few of you guys can take him out.

:::Ron Killings::: Oh so you think that I canít take out that big sack of shit Brock Lesnar? You think that I canít take on a big heavyweight? You think that I'm full of hot air? Is that what your little white ass is telling me? Because that is the bullshit I am hearing!

:::Reporter::: All I am saying Ron is that you are still pretty small and a guy like Brock Lesnar has a huge advantage over you and you need to regonize that to be smart. So yeah I think you will have a hard time against a big heavyweight. You gotta know your limitations and it's time to regonize that.

:::Ron Killings::: How about you regonize something and that is that I am "The Truth"! And The Truth is unstoppable! I am the quickest man alive and I can take out any man in that ring... infact get your ass over here!

:::Scene::: Ron Killings grabs the reporter and drags him threw the hallway by his collar. They go right go up some stairs and through a small hallway. Then the cameras cut to the arena and a few seconds later Ron Killings is walks through the entrance ramp with the reporter still being dragged from behind. Ron brings the reporter to the ring and he leaves him on the outside as Ron rolls under the bottom rope. Ron grabs a microphone and he looks pissed.

:::Ron Killings::: Now look you all know I am here in the WOW and maybe some of you know what I can do and some of you don't. Well it looks like I have to show you so right now I don't care who, but some "super heavyweight" come on out here and get your ass whipped by the true outlaw! Come on I don't care who it is!

:::Scene::: Then all of a sudden the music starts to play and A-Train walks out! The reporters face has a funny little smirk as A-Train walks down to the ring, but Ron doesn't seem too intimidated. A-Train makes his way down to the ring, he rolls into it and as soon as he stands up he is knocked back down with a huge leg lariat from Ron Killings. Ron starts with quick kicks to the back and stomping on A-Train's head. Ron bounces off the ropes and gives A-Train a quick snap leg drop on the back of his head. Ron gets onto the apron as A-Train gingerly gets up still a little daze. When he stands up Ron springs from the apron onto the top rope into a flying clothesline. Ron picks A-Train up, A-Train kicks Ron and goes fora huge clothesline, but Ron ducks it into a split, A-Train turns back around to see where Ron went and A-Train gets hit with a superkick to his jaw. Ron signals for something and the crowd goes insane. He picks up A-Train, steps behind him and sets him up for a pumphandle slam and he actually hits it. Then Ron signals for the end and he climbs the top rope and comes flying off with the Hang Time (450 Splash) He lays on A-Trains chest and counts himself 1,2,3. He gets up and jumps onto a top turnbuckle to celebrate. A few refs come out to help A-Train to the back and then he signals to the reporter to get into the ring. And then the reporter goes into the ring. And stands next to Ron.

:::Ron Killings::: Well now you have seen what I can do and the question why do you think I can't do that to some piece of crap like Brock Lesnar? Because right there I dominate a very well known super heavyweight with ease! So Brock this is your wake up call that I am not scared of you and you are just another stepping stone. But no Brock you are not the only guy in the match that I'm focussin on there are other people who I will be happy to dismantle. Lets look at the premier whinner in the WOW and that is the little bitch that comes out here and acts like people like him but they can't stand him and that is you Christian! You come out here and talk about your peeps....LOOK AROUND NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU AND THAT IS THE TRUTH! Dude all you can do is hold onto the memory of what it was like to be in the lime light when you were a tag team with Edge, as a single you are a nothing and you can't do a damn thing! Because Christian people have to carry you, the fact is you can't carry yourself and that is why when you step into this ring tomorrow night I am going to pick the meat off your bones! And I will snap your neck! In about 24 hours I am planning on running your ass out of this damn federation and making sure you never come back! Now we also have a guy I have whipped time and time again in the TNA and that is you AJ! Come on man why would u leave TNA to just come and get your ass kicked here and embarassed in another federation. And last but not least I'm lookin at you Buff, you come out here and claim to be the best, but the fact and THE TRUTH is that you can't beat me! You are a steroid injected nothing and you will find out why I am the best thing this federation has to offer.