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                                                                        BASKETBALL SHOES     





Hey! Welcome to West Bay's Sick basketball page. Man, these are the sweetest shoes you'll find in the world! Our shoes range from  smooth metallic silvers, to bright, raging, thrashing reds. You will never find such a tight selection of shoes at these prices EVER! For you speedy, agile, sharp shooting guards, you should choose mainly from the low and medium tops section. While you forwards should mainly look at our cool high tops or some of the medium tops also. AND. IT GETS WAY BETTER! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY WE WILL KNOCK OFF $10.00 FOR EVERY $100.00 YOU BUY!!!! AMAZING DEAL!! Things are rockin' and rollin' here at the tightest shoe company in da' world, West bay all the way baby!



               RETAIL PRICE: $99.99                                       RETAIL PRICE: $109.99                                 RETAIL PRICE: $89.99

               OUR PRICE:            $79.99                                  OUR PRICE:  $69.99!                                       OUR PRICE:      $74.99


RETAIL PRICE: $79.99                                        RETAIL PRICE: $84.99                                           RETAIL PRICE: $69.99

OUR PRICE:  $69.99                                              OUR PRICE:    $73.99                                             OUR PRICE:      $59.95



                                                                                           RETAIL PRICE: $109.99

                                                                                               OUR PRICE: $65.99




RETAIL PRICE: $99.99                                        RETAIL PRICE: $89.99                                              RETAIL PRICE: $79.99

OUR PRICE: $89.99                                              OUR PRICE:      $79.99                                               OUR PRICE: $74.99

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