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Welcome to U.E.S. - Ultimate Entertainment Source!

Note: Only the Gaming and Basketball part of the site works for now. This site is under heavy reconstruction, so please bear with me.

Updates & News
Date/Time Update/News Useless Stuff
12/14/04 I fixed up the 'Other Stuff' section of the site. Over the past couple months I've been doing little bits and pieces of updating, but nothing too major. Work is really coming slowly on this site. I don't even have enough time to update the actual site. What makes you think I want to waste time thinking of something to put here?
7/29/04 The PC Gaming section of the game site now has the new layout. I should be finished with everything by the end of the week or at most by the end of next week. Then I can finally add some new information. For now, though, I'm slowing posting screen shots from MOH. After I'm done with the new layouts, I'll turn them into thumbnails so it's easier to see them. I'm still too busy to put anything useless in this column.
7/24/04 OK, here it is. The site is up, but it's not perfect yet. For now, the best way to navigate through the pages is an effective use of your browser's "back" button. Few things are going to work on thise site right now, but I assure you that they will all be sorted out by, uhh..., end of next month? "Do you really think I have enough time to put a Useless Stuff thing here?" -Guy Who Made This Site
7/23/04 Well, here it is. The new layout. It looks much like the original frames site, but instead uses tables. A lot less pop-ups, and a cleaner, more user-friendly look. This site is under really really really heavy reconstruction Uhh... I don't have any quotes right now. This page is still under construction.