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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists. This is a site for Yu-Gi-Oh Duelers. We will have updates on Yu-Gi-Oh shows and cards. The newest packs tht are coming out are Labyrinth of Nightmare. This site has all the updates on Labyrinth of Nightmare cards.

Labyrinth of Nightmare Cards
(known so far)

Power of Magicians
This card is one of the best equip magic cards in the entire game. A chosen monster gets an attack and defense boost of 500 for each card in your m/t zone. That means that this can boost you up to a maximum of 3000 ATK and DEF with 1 equip card. Imagine being equipped to Maha Vailo and you can see how high a monsterís attack can get with this. Definitely look for this to be restricted to 1 right away.

Power of Teamwork
Itís about the same as Power of Magicians, except that you gain 500 ATK and DEF for each face up monster you control. Not as good as Power of Magicians, since you cant get as high a power boost, and you cant just lay a bunch of monsters right away. But since PoM will be restricted, you could use a weaker version of that in this. Imagine having a full m/t zone, 5 face up monsters and both of these equips equipped to a monster. Of course I donít condone filling up your m/t zone. Look for this to be restricted to 1 as well.

Reward of Rebirth
This is a permanent magic card lets you draw 1 card whenever you special summon a monster from your grave. This will definitely be popular in exodia decks as you get double the bonuses when you revive those sangan/wotbf. Not only do you get another piece when that monster dies, you get an extra card.

Limitless Hand
This permanent card lets you have as many cards in your hand as you want at the end of your turn, instead of the usual 6. For all those muka muka fans out there (yeah, rightÖ) this will be the card for you as Muka Mukaís attack can reach incredibly high with this.

Mask of Atrocities
This equip card increases the attack of a monster by 1000 and decreases the defense by 1000. However, you have to pay 1000LP per standby phase to keep this active. It definitely pales in comparison to the other equip cards in this set. However, if you need a quick power boost, you can play this card and then simply not pay the LP during your standby.

Cursed Mask
This is like a paralyzing potion, but with burning abilities. The equipped monster cannot attack and during its controllerís standby phase, he loses 500 LP. Definitely will be popular in burn decks. Youíre guaranteed at least 500 damage if the opponent doesnít counter it right away.

Mask of Powerlessness
You can see why this set is called Spell of Mask. Anyway, you target 1 magic card on the field with this card. During that magic cardís controllerís standby phase, you do 500 damage to him. Think about how evil this card can be when used with Cursed Mask. The opponent is losing 1000 LP per turn. Youíll see this combo a lot, so get those magic removal cards ready.

Choosing Machine
You pick 1 monster card in your hand and 2 non monster cards in your hand. If the opponent chooses the monster card, you can special summon it to the field and discard the other 2 cards. If the opponent chooses the non-monster card, discard the 3 cards. This can certainly be useful in a pinch. Especially if youíve got a hand with only high level tribute monsters. If youíre a gambling type person, this card is for you. (Note to those people already looking for loopholes in the game: You cannot summon Gate Guardian with this so donít even think about it)

Offering to the Dead
This card can certainly be useful if you need to get rid of a monster to win the game. This card lets you destroy 1 face up monster on the field, but you have to skip your next draw phase. The cost wont really matter if you need to get rid of 1 monster to win the game on this turn. But due to the cost, I donít see this card being used too often.

Death Messages E, A, T, and H
First you have to play the trap Ouija Board. Then during your opponentís turn you can play the next letter in DEATH either from your hand or deck. You can only play 1 during each opponentís turn. When you spell out the entire word DEATH in your m/t zone, you can declare an automatic win. This card is similar to Exodia in that it can get you an instant win, but donít be fooled by the simplicity of it. It may seem easy to pull off, but the entire message is very hard to protect because once 1 of those letters is destroyed, the entire word is destroyed and you have to start all over. I prefer Exodia as it is the easier instant win.

Dark Corridor
This will greatly help those stall decks out there. This card only lets 1 monster attack per turn. This makes it really easy to defend your LP if you go on the defensive because you can throw out monsters as fast as the opponent destroys them. Definitely a must if you go the stall direction.

This card returns 1 m/t card back to the ownerís hand, but it has an additional effect of not being able to be negated. This is definitely great for removing those Mirror Forces and Trap Holes. However, there is another card in this set that is a bit better than this card, which isÖ

Decoy Doll
You activate 1 face down trap on the field. If the timing for the trap is wrong (such as Mirror Force or Trap Hole), the card is negated and destroyed. You can seriously mess up the opponentís strategy with this card by activating their traps before they want to do so. Also, you can use this on your own traps so you can actually use traps the turn you set them.

Fusion Cancel
Fusion decks get 2 cards in this set, one that greatly hurts, and one that greatly helps. This one takes a fusion monster and returns it to the fusion deck. Then if the fusion material monsters are in the grave, those are summoned back to the field. Normally, this wouldnít hurt fusion decks that much as you could simply get back your polymerization to refuse your monsters together, but fusion decks get a field magic card that will definitely be popular, but at the same time, will make them extremely vulnerable to this card. That field card would beÖ

Fusion Gate
This is a field magic card that lets you fuse monsters together without polymerization. It can be used over and over, but also by the opponent. However, the monsters that are fused together are removed from the game, not sent to the grave. So if the opponent were to fusion cancel your fusion monster, you would not be able bring them back from the grave. Fusion decks arenít all that popular anyway so donít expect these two cards to do much to change that as they pretty much cancel each other out.

Infectious Virus: Black Dust
This is a stronger version of paralyzing potion for anybody that still uses that. At first you may think, ďThatís incredible, it will be restricted for sure!Ē This is an equip card that stops a monster from attacking. Then after 2 turns, the monster dies and this card is returned to your hand, which lets you keep on reusing it again and againÖ However, it is quite easy to counter. All the opponent needs to do is to tribute the monster and the virus is gone. Nonetheless, expect this card to be quite popular.

Mysterious Findings
If you have 5 monsters removed from the game, you can return 3 of them to your grave. This is the card for exodia decks. Those soul releases will no longer be a problem with this. Simply bring the pieces back to the grave and return them with Backup Soldier. Of course it only works with the limbs, not the head, but bringing the head back at least gives you a chance to revive it some other way. Also expect this to help bring back monsters that were removed from the fusion gate.

Dragon Power
You equip this to a warrior subtype and that monster becomes a dragon subtype. It also gains a 500 attack and defense boost. For dragon decks out there, this lets you have a larger selection of monster since you can now use warrior monster and still have it fit your deck strategy.

Soul Removal
This lets you remove monsters from the field instead of the grave for the rest of your turn. You wont really see the point of this card until I cover the monsters from Labyrinth of Nightmare. Some of those monsters can only be summoned by removing certain monsters from the grave. With this card, you can remove them from the field instead. Youíll see the full effect later.

Field of Bitter Souls
This is the other semi-stall card in the set. It prevents any monster from attacking on the turn it is summoned (any type of summon). This can definitely buy you some time, but there are better stall cards to choose from.

Mask of Weakness
Itís a simple trap that lowers one monsterís attack by 700 for a turn. Kind of like the anti-Rush Recklessly. Itís not really that great. Why not just use your own rush recklessly as it does basically the same thing. But there can be some uses, such as prevent a monster with attack 1600 or less from being trap holed.

Sacrifice Sealing Mask
This permanent trap stops any player from tributing monsters. Itís definitely not something that those heavy hitting monsters will like to see. But not only can you not tribute for tribute monsters, you can tribute for anything at all, such as using Horn of Heaven or another similar tribute requirement card.

Tornado Wall
In this next set, the main decks that will be helped are Sea decks. Before, you only really had The Legendary Fisherman to build it around. Now, you will get a ton of support cards, such as this one. This card reduces all damage done to you by attacking monsters to 0, and can only be played while Umi is face up. And it is a permanent trap. Powerful, no? But it is destroyed when Umi is destroyed. Kind of acts like a permanent Waboku. Note that it reduces damage, not attack. And then there isÖ

Tidal Wave
When a monster is summoned (any type of summon), you destroy all monsters on the field. You donít need Umi to play this one. Itís basically another dark hole for you. Not only that, it wonít be restricted at all (based on the current Japanese restrictions).

Monster Box
With this permanent trap, you get the effect of the Gate Guardian pieces as often as you want. This reduces the attack strength of a monster to 0. Of course that would be too powerful by itself, so you have to flip a coin. If you call it right, the attack is reduced to 0 (notice that I said attack, not damage). If you call it wrong, the attack goes through as normal. You can do this for every monster that attacks. Of course there must also be a cost. An optional cost of 500LP per standby phase is what is required. If you donít pay, itís destroyed like all the other optional payments. But you can do some massive damage to the opponent with this.

Vase of Greed
This is a trap that lets you draw 1 card. Not that exciting. Itís similar to Upstart goblin except that the opponent doesnít gain LP. However, imagine needing 1 card to save you, and you draw this. You wonít even be able to play it this turn. Itís only real use is for Exodia decks to cut down their deck size.

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