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It all started one day in Brandon Berens living room. Brandon and Taylor were sitting in Brandons living room....Brandon with an acoustic guitar in his hands, Taylor a bass guitar in his lap. Taylor got the crazy idea to start a band.....and so the adventure began. The garage band TWISTED SMILE is located inthe Phoenix area, in Arizona. This fairly new band is generally unknown at the moment, but you can expect to be hearing their names in the near future. With the amazing guitar playings of Jason Yalim, and Brandon Beren, the speedy thrashy bass rythym of Taylor Huffman, and the dynamic drumming of Eric Jensen........all this talent coming together proves for an incredible sound. TWISTED SMILE is a band that most people arent used to, not just conforming to one particular style, but delving into many genres within their style, metal, grunge, classic metal, inventive rock.....they are an up and coming band that youi should expect to see great things from in the future.

Band Members

Jason Yalim-Lead Guitar
Brandon Beren-Rythym Guitar
Taylor Huffman-Bass Guitar